The Strange History Behind Millie Bobby Brown's Secret Codes | Enola Holmes

Maybe the weirdest Victorian-era pastime involved sending coded love notes through newspaper ads. Yes, that’s right - the thing you thought was just fiction in Enola Holmes is actually real. Here it is, explained.
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The Strange History Behind Millie Bobby Brown's Secret Codes | Enola Holmes
While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord.


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    Me gustaría que este vídeo estuviera en español I wish this video were in Spanish

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    My name is diputs cuz it’s backwards means stupid

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    I watch Enola Holmes and its the best movie i've ever watched, greetings to all the actors in the movie and thanks to netflix for this awesome movie.

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    Hey Netflix,why there's no season 3-4 of The Thundermans????0

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    I recently read a book that explains the difference between a code and cipher. To my understanding, a code changes whole words, such as code names and the flower code, while ciphers substitute or rearrange letters. If writing in a foreign language, that is more like a code than a cipher.

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    wtf its my name from back of 'Enola' mine 'Alone'😅😅

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    Why sherlock is soooooooooooooo handsome?

  12. يأتِ بها اللهُ إنَّ اللهَ لطيفٌ خبير

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    استغفر الله ربي العظيم وأتوب إليه اللهم يامثبت القلوب ثبت قلوبنا على دينك ♥اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد الطيبين الأبرار وأصحابه الاخيار اجمعين وعجل فرجهم ياحبيبي يالله وسلم عليهم تسليما كثيرا كثيرا💜🔮

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    Necesito este video pero en español latino. Me cuesta seguir el hilo, pero me interesa entender lo de los codigos.

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    Alguém me ajuda por favor K não entendi nada

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    Netflix endorses pedophilia

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    Can like someone tell me what is like the name for the alphabet wood block thingys that was used for solving the secret puzzles?

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    Save Anne With an E

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    Anyone else heard the sims music? Lol

  19. ruth noemi

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    Anyone else heard the sims music? Lol

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    So Tumblr was originally in newspapers at Victorian times I am shuucked

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    sequel SEQUEL

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    Before we know it this channel will be the new film theory

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    Everyone: Millie is so talented, se will be so famous Me: 100% agree Everyone: The movie is so amazing and perfect Me: 100% agree Me: I know she is so talented, and the movie is very good and exciting, but I'm curious, and this video is about the secret codes so....in the movie (I'm talking about cipher wheel) the key is "q x r q a"? Or what are these letters mean? Sorry guys :DD

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    Well, now I want to know more about Lady Bicyclist Detectives and all-women jujitsu classes in Victorian England.

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    Em português por favor

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    Witch. That was me. I decked him with my fan and he wouldn't leave me alone.

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    millie bobby brown makes me feel so useless-

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    Where did you find the pictures of the newspaper for this video? 📰📰📰

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    i want to learn like enola to send my bff some letters ahahahahha

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    CAN SOMEONE MAKE AN ADVENTURE GAME OUT OF THIS FILM PLEASE (like murder in the alps) it would be very interesting with those riddles and codes

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    How do you make a thing like that 3:58 please someone explain

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    This would be amazing as a series! Loved it!

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    Benedict cumberbatch....greatest sherlock holmes ever

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    Tips: Ioeteoi Tails:Evmhdvl

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      * * / * - * * / - - - / * * * - / - / - * * / - * * / - / - / - - - / - - - \/ * * * * / * - / * * * - / * / - * - - / - - - / * - * / * / * - / - * * / - / * * * * / * / - * * * / - - - / - - - / - * - / * * * / - * / * * - / * - * * / * - * * \/

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    I know that I am just one more asking for a fourth season of this BEAUTIFUL series, but they would really make millions of people around the world more than happy, I hope one day I can cry with joy when I find out that the ANNE WITH AN E recordings have already begun. 4, as Anne said "In our imagination happens whatever we want", I hope it comes true. ❤

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    i love enola

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    Hey anybody decode what he said before extra credits

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    am I the only one who doesn't understand how to solve the codes?

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    Done watching this. A real detective is born.

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    One of the best parts of this movie is the "Ha!" of Sherlock when he found out Enola solved the case first. 😆

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      I repeated many times 😁

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      omg same I went back and watched that part SO many times

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    The movie was fantastic 👍👍 I mean is fantastic

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    UGGRZBT , OEOEST ! If this is a cipher like used in movie as of just scrambling the letters then one thing's for sure that one word will contain 'eous' . So with logic :- GORGEOUS , BETTZ ! Enlighten me netflix .

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    HAHA! Victorian era and its strange facts!

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    Enola Holmes 2? Anyone?

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    I love all these actors, I love Netflix. But, sorry, what is this shit! !!???

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    I love Enola Holmes so much! It's one of the best film ever 😍💕 with an amazing cast

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    No one literally no one Finn:👉🤨👈

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    No one literally no one Finn:👉🤨👈

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    Who moved the pine cone after Sherlock put it on the ledge? Hmmmm! lol

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    I'm single in the 21st century and I'm sure that I would be forever single if I lived in Victorian era .

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    By the end of this I wanted it to be a series. I also wanted enola and Tewkesbury to kiss so bad fml.

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    Alguien que lo pueda traducir al español

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    Necesito esto pero en español

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    Sadly, this is another case of "the book is better than the movie". I can understand if a movie makes changes on a book, but in this case all the changes were for the worse. There are two changes that I really didn't like. 1. Enola Holmes got caught. In the book, this didn't happen. I won't spoil anything specific, though the book's been out for ages, but I will say Enola narrowly avoided Sherlock at the end in a police station, and hadn't got caught at any point in the book. In the movie, she got caught merely for the sake of drama, but this was shortsighted. I think the Enola-Sherlock chases are the best bits about the books, in addition to a couple of conversation between them when the opportunity arises. Not only did we not get to see her escape from Sherlock at the end of the movie, but it's not clear if he'll be chasing her in the future, though it seems like he will. Even if he does, the tension is gone from it. Even if does catch her, what then? She would become his ward, which isn't so terrible. The worse case would be she gets sent back to boarding school, which isn't Sherlock's intention and in which case she could simply walks out again. It's a shame, but they've spoiled things for future movies. 2. The mystery surrounding the Marquess. Without spoiling anything, the mystery fit in well with the Sherlock Holmes stories in the book. In the movie, it was altered to become a cheap political story, with a conservative grandmother trying to murder her progressive grandson to defeat an unexplained reform bill that would apparently be decided by one single vote. There were plenty of other changes, but those are the two I find really galling. I would also like to mention that the Marquess was aged up in the movie, from 12 to 16, to become a love interest to Enola, and although I didn't mind that for this one movie, I don't want him inserting himself into the whole series. That's just more change than I think should be tolerated, as it would turn the series into a big old love story, which it wasn't and which isn't very Holmesian. I'm also not sure that I like the idea of Enola's mother leaving a become a feminist terrorist, or the meeting at the of the movie instead of leaving the mystery of her disappearance a more open-ended one.

    • Annika Black

      Annika Black

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      Yes, unfortunately the book series is quite unknown to most. The movie had a nice production and acting, thus why being successful, but it is not to be compared to the books. Books will always be better

    • Bhakti Patil

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      Feels so good to know that I'm not the only one here

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    I can see Enola Holmes been a franchise for Millie and they also can make a spin off with Henry Cavill. Grest performances, characters, action scenes, romance etc.

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    What a let down of a movie

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    Kind-hearted person who saw this comment in so many comments, I hope everything you want will be 34 subscribers, can we do 100? Please

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    What's the cipher technique they used at 0:27

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    i love this movie....

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    Am I the only one who's searching in the comments for the answers of the cipher at the end? 😂 I really tried to decipher them, as result: I feel very stupid rn😶😂

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      @Hermione is Seriously Smart are you kidding?😂

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      Okay got it. I wanted to do it myself so I didn't watch the end. How could I be so stupid?!

    • Hermione is Seriously Smart

      Hermione is Seriously Smart

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      Okay got it I didn't watch the whole thing because I wanted to figure it outnfor myself. How could I be so stupid!

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      Hermione is Seriously Smart Just watch to the end of the video

    • Hermione is Seriously Smart

      Hermione is Seriously Smart

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      @Imogen How do you know? I am truly confused.

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    I watched I really like 👍 the film 🍿

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    0:27 i’m so stuck i don’t know how to work this one out

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      I want to be an actor but it's hard to be an actor and be successful in this world

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      Best of luck for that👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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    One of my greatest password is using this method when I was 18. I come across this on books and I thought it's crazy😆

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    Very interesting. Thanks. Also, we enjoyed watching Enola Holmes very much. As I read some of the entries I was wondering whether papers may have added fake Agony Column entries as a sort of mini soap opera to hook column readers and sell more papers.

  91. Megan


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    Can you make a video of step by step how to solve a coded message with a cipher wheel 😭

    • Whoulookin_at?


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      A=h h= O O=v V= c B= i. I=p. P=w. W= d C= j. J=q. Q= x. X= e D= k. K= r. R= y. Y= f E= l. L= s. S= z. Z= g F= m. M=t. T= a. G = N N= u. U= b. Do you see a pattern? I hope this helps :)

  92. Mike Wood

    Mike Wood

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    In regards to your cipher at 4:08 , ZPV XSPUF PG TQSJOH UXJDF CVU EFDJQIFSFE JU PODF. TFDPOE NPWJF OFYU TQSJOH?. :) (put in a cipher to not give a spoiler to anyone who wants to try to decrypt it)

    • Fabiha Azim

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      tnbsu! j ipqf tp!!!!

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    I love it how they casted an actual 16 yr old to play a 16 yr old

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      It’s directed by her sister so it’d be rude not to

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      lol yeah

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    Codes, ciphers, disguises - this delightful film had it all to make our spying heart flutter!

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    Im telling you guys...I AM TRYING TO SOLVE EVERY CIPHER I SAW HERE BUT MY BRAIN CANT COMPUTEEE!! made me feel soo dumb...i really wanna solve it but i feel like i missed the lessons i just had along the way cos i was busy deciphering 😢