The Weeknd - Try Me (Official Video)

Music video by The Weeknd performing Try Me. © 2018 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    Shot on iphone 69.



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    He made this song so long ago and it still feels new 😳

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    1:47 me acabo de dar cuenta q están cogiendo detrás de el JAJAJAJJA

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    Gli basta un telefono per girare un video.. Parliamone

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    lafatra tanteraka

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    Weekend's manager- which director you need for your next video shoot? Weekend- try me ,try me!



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    I've seen this before somewhere

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    Wknd just be vibing 💯💚👑🙊



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    Shot on iPhone

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    Dope. Need some help ppl. Check out the songs I just made on this channel.need a feature on one of em. Leave a comment, any view and feedback is appreciated foooo real

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    I never get tired of listening to songs from the weeknd even though repeated 👁️👄👁️🤩

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    Justo a tiempo jakaja

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    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you 🥺💊

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    Bro what's happening in the back👀

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    Lit as usual 🔥

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    te copiaste de one flyt

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    X❤O Forever

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    Love 💍

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    Música maravilhosa

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    The Weeknd: nigga we ain't using expensive cameras and idea for it, just my phone

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    The Weeknd amour fraternel your are a very good voice avec soin tu donnes de ta personne et ce que tu fais te ressemble beautiful boy la geante masculine peut donner du bien être du bien fait reste toi même ❤️🗝️

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    People who disliked should've saved their tears when they were blinded by the lights

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    First listen to this

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    Thank you for what you did to Tigray.God bless you bro. Also watch this from people of Tigray rofilm.infoP74BxaPQXFU?feature=share

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    *LYRICS* *FOR THE FIRST TIME LISTENERS :) * Any time is the time Any time for you to get my call, baby (So, baby) Are you alone, baby? If he ain't around, pick up your phone, baby Whoa Can you try me? Try me? Once you put your pride aside You can notify me, -fy me You're the best I ever had Baby girl, remind me, -mind me Let me know if it's on And you know where to find me, find me Having thoughts you never had, yeah I didn't know you were down for him finding out I thought you had some kind of love for your man Well, I'm not tryna break up something You've been workin' out, you've been steady But I'm ready to go all the way if you let me, don't you tempt me You're lookin' good since the last time I looked at you It might have been, been about a couple months But I just got the picture that you texted to me You ain't steady, you look ready to go all the way If you let me take you down on me Can you try me? Try me? (Oh) Once you put your pride aside You can notify me, -fy me (Hey) You're the best I ever had Baby girl, remind me, -mind me Let me know if it's on And you know where to find me, find me (Hey) Having thoughts you never had, yeah Can you try me? Try me? (Hey) Once you put your pride aside You can notify me, -fy me You're the best I ever had Baby girl, remind me, -mind me (Hey) Let me know if it's on (Let me know) And you know where to find me find me (Hey) Having thoughts you never had, yeah Better try me Don't you mess with me Don't you mess with me The way I kissed your scars The way I fixed your heart, oh Don't you miss me, babe? Don't you miss me, babe?

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    inbox for price

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    The GOAT🐐 💯

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    Director you okey???

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    Who remembers starboy

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    i miiiiiiiiss this face brooo. u are so perfect. please dont get plastic surgery.

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    The old Weeknd vibes like this Hit Different 💯

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    How I did not see this wth

  42. The Starboy TV

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    When you are trying to film a music video but your friends in the back are doing a ritual

  43. Afiyaa Zahin

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    I believe in simplicity's supremacy

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    One of my All-time favourite weekend ❤️❤️❤️

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    Awesome background music

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    É nois Brasil kd os fãs aqui br ?

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    Cameraman as TheWeeknd, Device : Iphone 7

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    This song hit different at dawn

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    where tf is the call out my name video

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    that 2.5 dislike is from insecure people



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    How is every xo fan today? Im good ❌⭕️

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    Is 6G already out over there ? 😱

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    Cost saving during the pandemic ✅



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    Yes, the vocals and vibe...LOVE IT...

  57. Timo


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    Weekend to salena : try me

  58. Jill Park

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    weekend you look like SoaR dylan hes a famous you tuber he plays fornite he has like 1.9 mil subs btw i love ur music i have like so many of ur songs in my spotify playlist

  59. Caelum Lucis

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    Demonic sell out.... Our people come from the God of Israel and you're out here executing the agenda of the beast. That conversation between you & God is gonna be monumental and shattering to all that you have stood for.

  60. Vivek Saini

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    Sounds ditto like asphalt 8 theme

  61. ももsincerely


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    Ngl, the weekend is fine asf. I’d try him.

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    You are my hubby 💘😗

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    Can't stop to listen to your music you are romantick

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    it da weeknd.

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    Play this in 2× speed

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      @kirstenrsx ok

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      @nathan bfccc cry bout it

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      @nathan bfccc go away

    • nathan bfccc

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      @kirstenrsx no ur so mean

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      go away

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    The thumbnail looks satanic-

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    Download and Crop it to portrait mode to enjoy full screen. Thank me later

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    Best song after break up

  70. Lil Jr G

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    Who want the weekend to go back to hard shit like the hill,starboy

  71. Jay-s-kun


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    Could you 👉🏿👈🏿 maybe want to try me tehe

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    Never really was attracted to him till this video

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  74. Sissy Link

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    This is me in this video with you contact me

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    its 4am and I'm doing my thesis that sound at the beginning got me dizzy with my headphones 😂

  78. Mark Leyva

    Mark Leyva

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    Love the song! You one of my favorite R&B artist👌

  79. vinishco vinishco

    vinishco vinishco

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    Это очень классно

  80. Nicole jajaja

    Nicole jajaja

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    Can we talk about how he is incapable of realising a bad song. ALL ARE BOMB

    • K1ra


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      It isn't bad bro

  81. Erick Scherzy

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    All his songs sound the same now

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    I hear "my knee" sometimes I need help

  84. Pedro


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    Why this video isn't on vertical???

  85. Gideon Rising

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    Pov: Uber driver with great vocals does a D.I.Y while he shows people hanging out in the back

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    I think i’m responsible for at least 1m views 😩

  87. Lue Bason

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    can u already make him the new king of pop ?

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    The only person who can look cool while third-wheeling:

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    Was shot on iphone

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    Is the weeknd trynna seduce us !!!!! 🙆🏻😈⚡️

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    The Weekend should be extended to Monday- Friday

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    The weeknd mejor que > Justin Bieber

  93. sad boy

    sad boy

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    abel you're the best man, you've made a lot of lives better ( including my life ) you're such a talented musician , everything you do is a masterpiece i wish you the best ( XOTWOD )

  94. Georgia Lopez

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    Listening to the The Weeknd on the Weekend is the best!!

    • The Weeknd

      The Weeknd

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      Thanks for the support kindly message me on my email @

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    this man can do no bad anything what a perfect being he aint man he is God foh

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    Director: You cannot expect to get millions of views for a music video recorded with your phone. The Weeknd: Try me.

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    Abel we need this overdosed 🌑💚

  98. SIT - Special Investigation Team

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    TheWeeknd fooled me

  99. Hadiya Kay

    Hadiya Kay

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    Literally my favorite song on the EP. In the past two years it’s been one of my most played songs on Spotify.

    • The Weeknd

      The Weeknd

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    hay gke