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The World's Most Insane Car! Lamborghini Vision GT

I was invited to a secret location in Italy to get an up close look at the most insane car in the world! This is the Lambo V12 Vision GT. It was made especially for players to drive in the game Gran Turismo in 2019, but they also made a real life version as well! I meet with the head of design Mitja Borkert to go through the vision behind the design.
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  1. Supercar Blondie

    Supercar Blondie

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    • nana aboagye

      nana aboagye

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      Can I use some of your videos on my channel????

    • 西宮硝子


      Acum 10 ore THIS BMW IS 2020 NEW 10billion us omg

    • futuristic


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      Id do ANMYTHING for you Supercar Blondie

    • Czean Elmerson Estrada

      Czean Elmerson Estrada

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      Wow its so cool

    • Joshua Guylan Le Grange

      Joshua Guylan Le Grange

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      Hey Supercar Blondie this looks like the prototype that Redbull made for the new formula x1 series the future of formula 1

  2. AuspiciousBUD


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    So REAL it LOOKS FAKE 😄😄😄😄😄✌🏽😈🎧🎵🎼😄✌🏽😄😎👍🏽🎼🎵😈😈✌🏽😄😎👍🏽👍🏽🎼🎵🎵😈😎🎼💸💸💸



    Acum 6 ore

    The only car in the world, that doesn't have a road worthy of it's existence.

  4. Nithin Maliackal

    Nithin Maliackal

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    It's so sad that we could not see inside

  5. subhashakkii


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    Wow I like this car

  6. Phil Pietersen

    Phil Pietersen

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    Nice car but too many OMG's from the bleached blonde.

  7. Criss Noob pobre br

    Criss Noob pobre br

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    Que máquina!! Quando custa este carro?

  8. nana aboagye

    nana aboagye

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    Can I use some of your videos on my channel????

  9. Fuzz Nuzzler

    Fuzz Nuzzler

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    Seems like a practical daily drive.... nice

  10. Nathan Peabody

    Nathan Peabody

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    This is what the future of F1 should look like. V12, V10, and V8 cars with this design style.

  11. серега меньков

    серега меньков

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    Класс тачка я такую себе хочу

  12. Skyler Walker

    Skyler Walker

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    Any Tesla will still beat it 0-60 lol

  13. Trent Riley

    Trent Riley

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    Why do cars keep getting uglier and uglier



    Acum 10 ore

    The most beautiful car ever made so far

  15. Richard Cronch

    Richard Cronch

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    Supercar granny she's too old to be doing a car commercials

  16. fearman026


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    Dikili transporti blodi

  17. SilvStar_HD


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    Der Deutsche hahaha

  18. Movie clips

    Movie clips

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    Watching this car makes me Richer😇

  19. Eddie C

    Eddie C

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    Legend has it she got pregnant touching this car

  20. Eddie C

    Eddie C

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    That car isn’t drivable on pretty much any street anywhere it’s so low. This thing is the most insane lambo. Anyone buying this if it ever was for sale would be buying it for decoration and will be rich enough to do it with a smile on there face and full on erection

  21. Cruz Wanakore

    Cruz Wanakore

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    Shud i you swear at me so na

  22. N jamali

    N jamali

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    Rear is more like batmobile

  23. Nidhal Ali Basheer

    Nidhal Ali Basheer

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    Idky it seems to be like all the supercars that they're making these days seem to be sp goddam lower to the ground

  24. redzuan bohary

    redzuan bohary

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    I wonder how u get the access to all those super cars.

  25. Elmito Itachi

    Elmito Itachi

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    I swear i would fuck that car. Damn.

  26. BabyCrusher


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    Its ugly batmobile

  27. Lucky Travel Team

    Lucky Travel Team

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    wow...great car...great video.

  28. Masashi Tamura

    Masashi Tamura

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    oh shit that car

  29. Afro Momo

    Afro Momo

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    Why do they let you see their unreleased car you you like blackmail them a you sum kind of million in car companies or you just pay them

  30. Karolina Grygiel

    Karolina Grygiel

    Acum 16 ore

    No words for this one, too much in awe 🤯🤩

  31. Dario De Paoli

    Dario De Paoli

    Acum 16 ore

    QUesto non è stile italiano sono solo inutili manie di grandezza!

  32. Joshua Espinosa

    Joshua Espinosa

    Acum 16 ore

    I used to have a little hot wheels car just like that

  33. Angel Andres

    Angel Andres

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    It looks so amazing

  34. Rebinus Yustito

    Rebinus Yustito

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    Angkat aku menjadi muridmu suhu, bagaimana menjadi kaya?

  35. Kaxa Bagratia

    Kaxa Bagratia

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  36. Silent Viewer

    Silent Viewer

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    I thought the thumbnail was a cgi. LOL. Awesome 💯!

  37. KC Brown

    KC Brown

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    A lot of my family lives in Italy I saw something on fb about a ps5

  38. stephon mulzac

    stephon mulzac

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    1:39 every clickbait asking for subs

  39. Amir Shafiq

    Amir Shafiq

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    the more I look, the more I think it resembles Formula E race cars.....

  40. kevin mbazima

    kevin mbazima

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    The 63 represents the number of years since Lambourghini was founded, is that the same reason only 63 Siáns were made?

  41. Official Manchi

    Official Manchi

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    Official__manchi ! @supercar blondie we ain’t joking we here to win #ps5giveaway

  42. # P K

    # P K

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    Bomba 💥... takže, jako vždy Vás mí drazí přátelé💞💞.. poprosím zaparkovat 😉... děkuji a s láskou p.... ☝️💖💞💯✌️

  43. Bahadur Singh

    Bahadur Singh

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    nice car 🤟👏😍😍🤩🤩



    Acum 19 ore




    Acum 19 ore


  46. leis RamosVlog

    leis RamosVlog

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    im just want to try.😍



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    I've seen in in london

  48. Ana Marie Orquiola

    Ana Marie Orquiola

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    take care supercar blonde

  49. Lee Barretto

    Lee Barretto

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    Maam all my life my dream no come true

  50. Витор Севрюков

    Витор Севрюков

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  51. Raffy Abracia

    Raffy Abracia

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    my dream is to have my own super car.. ..but idont have money im a poor person😥😥😥 how could i get in to my dreams😥😥😥

  52. Romeo CSAB

    Romeo CSAB

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    Love it

  53. DaFFyS


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    When u buy car in GTA V

  54. Clean Bulk Fitness&Nutrition

    Clean Bulk Fitness&Nutrition

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    I dont think even Jesus is aware of how much we have improved since he left.....😀😀

  55. Mark Lasponas

    Mark Lasponas

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    I wish i have car too

  56. Ulli_Freska


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    we can't even hear it.... lame.

  57. Were Dede

    Were Dede

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    1:44 Her reaction:ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh My reaction:(shouts so loud that the cars glass cracked)

  58. Craig Chetty

    Craig Chetty

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    I wish f1 cars would look this cool in future and have simpler engines

  59. Mamadou K Barry

    Mamadou K Barry

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    Nice super car

  60. mandy warner

    mandy warner

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    If they want to get the fucking thing off then why did u make the car so fucking low

  61. mandy warner

    mandy warner

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    Guys u do know Were they got the idea of a vision gt right? Probably not with the things they do wich is copying names because there lazy now they got the idea from the buggati vision gt so dont give them the support for the name or the the thought

  62. DILEEP M


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    Looks like a fighter jet. My road doesn’t suite this type of car. So I’m not gonna buy this.

  63. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee

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    Two words "speed bumps"



    Acum o Zi

  65. Kaleem


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    Did that guy say "Panini, spaghetti ."?

  66. Won Don

    Won Don

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  67. Belonn


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    It looked like the car was photoshopped in the thumbnail xD

  68. grominator karloz

    grominator karloz

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    es el sian modificado .

  69. Abando Jeff

    Abando Jeff

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    Wow so expensive. .

  70. Danielo Mendes

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  71. yeyo09 Chicoklidoso

    yeyo09 Chicoklidoso

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    Fail 💩

  72. Aron Aron

    Aron Aron

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    i love 💓 u so much

  73. José Pizarro

    José Pizarro

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    Que hermoso auto

  74. arapiraca maloka #244

    arapiraca maloka #244

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    vc entende muito de carro

  75. arapiraca maloka #244

    arapiraca maloka #244

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    muito legal dislike n da like

  76. GsRyh _

    GsRyh _

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    Kalo di Indonesia mobil nya ancur kena polisi tidur

  77. Palesa Tseuoa

    Palesa Tseuoa

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    It would be ledendery

  78. Palesa Tseuoa

    Palesa Tseuoa

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    Imagine. Lamborghini vision gt vs Buggatti bolide

  79. Palesa Tseuoa

    Palesa Tseuoa

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  80. Hassan Sahi

    Hassan Sahi

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    I want a PlayStation 5 please give me

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  82. rasikus bazaleew

    rasikus bazaleew

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    Нихуя не пойму о чём ты говоришь...👀

  83. Dr Ndre'

    Dr Ndre'

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    Aventador 4rever lives on 💪🏽

  84. Dr Ndre'

    Dr Ndre'

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    It breathes fire 😱🔥🔥🔥

  85. ibexy


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    Meant to buy and keep in the garage - because you cant drive it on the bumpy roads

  86. Dr Ndre'

    Dr Ndre'

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    Wow this is a really lovely car 😱 wish I had one in lsk 😂

  87. Gerald Affram

    Gerald Affram

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    i just bout one of the car six minutes ago, it very expensive but i still bout it

  88. Marek Krakovský

    Marek Krakovský

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    I can´t wait to see the first supersonic sports car!

  89. Marek Krakovský

    Marek Krakovský

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    Is is faster than Bugatti Veyron? That´s the only fact I want to know.

  90. Ram Nimgulkar

    Ram Nimgulkar

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    Lamborghini V12 Vision Granturismo: that's what happens when Lambo designs batmobiles🔥🔥🔥

  91. luis jose Feliz

    luis jose Feliz

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    get a life

  92. luis jose Feliz

    luis jose Feliz

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  93. luis jose Feliz

    luis jose Feliz

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    dont SAY SUB B U ARE THE B

  94. Paul Walker

    Paul Walker

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    It looks the biz, but at 212 mph, it's at least 40 mph slower than I thought, but 0 - 62 in 2.8 secs, not bad.

  95. Vijay Best

    Vijay Best

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    you can ride this car in gta 5 at any road

  96. 赵Sufi


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    if i not subscribe ill******....

  97. Car Channel Deluxe

    Car Channel Deluxe

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  98. hugox09 huguinho

    hugox09 huguinho

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    X80 proto

  99. Loren Lupu

    Loren Lupu

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    Of all the cars that you have tried so far, which is the one that you liked the most PS: I know it's difficult so I'll let you choose 3 😁😁😁

  100. Shawn Kloter

    Shawn Kloter

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    God thats ugly as hell