Trisha & Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Frenemies # 30

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  1. jill i

    jill i

    Acum oră

    “it’s ab expressing yourself and for you all to sit here and judge my slime is absolutely fucking disgusting you’re all cancelled” killed me 😭😭

  2. Sophia Marie!

    Sophia Marie!

    Acum oră


  3. S. Cats

    S. Cats

    Acum oră

    Watching Trisha with the soap is so relaxing

  4. Calypso Veil

    Calypso Veil

    Acum oră

    Ethan can you please stop interrupting Trisha , she was trying to give some advice on sex work and you cut her 4 times in less than a minute

  5. CatsAreCool


    Acum oră

    The entire cake part killed me

  6. sad but_true

    sad but_true

    Acum oră

    Where's the New episode it's almost 22:00 pm european Time

  7. MissIToldYou Sooo

    MissIToldYou Sooo

    Acum 2 ore

    Can you please tell Trisha to stop talking bout Jewish people like that..like it’s a trend or fad. I know she thinks she’s being cute but it’s not IMO not feeling her this episode, she’s annoying

  8. Dante The Giant

    Dante The Giant

    Acum 2 ore

    I love how there’s this Unspoken agreement on the Internet that wiki feet belongs to us

  9. Soup Time Now time

    Soup Time Now time

    Acum 2 ore

    Okay but Trisha looks SO good in this episode 😍😍😍 like- 😳💍

  10. cuhnty


    Acum 2 ore

    imagining what it would be like if pewdiepie was on this podcast

  11. Allison Mendes

    Allison Mendes

    Acum 2 ore


  12. Aliyah Jade

    Aliyah Jade

    Acum 2 ore

    ethans right about the unfair dynamic. i know it’d be better to keep it real rather than lie about who she supports but that’s precisely the problem. it’s unfair for ethan

  13. Rosie Rain

    Rosie Rain

    Acum 2 ore

    I actually bought some mental health workbooks & a physical symptom tracking notebook after watching this. Thanks Trisha I didnt know these were a thing, I'm totally ordering more and would LOVEEEE a frenemies one! Edit: after watching a little further in, what would be the correct way to approach you if your seen? Asking bc I dont ever want to upset you if I'm ever traveling In California and happen to see you. I would never bother you while your obviously busy & I would absolutely never ask for a video but I'd love a photo with you and to say hello. That would be everything!

  14. Rach C

    Rach C

    Acum 2 ore

    I love Trisha and Ethan's true friendship

  15. Hannah Hewitt

    Hannah Hewitt

    Acum 2 ore

    Trisha seems off in this episode



    Acum 2 ore

    i feel like Ethan was a lil harsh towards trish like so unwarranted

  17. laura feruzi

    laura feruzi

    Acum 2 ore


  18. Laura B

    Laura B

    Acum 2 ore

    Where is this weeks episode?

    • sad but_true

      sad but_true

      Acum oră

      @izzy crossing really???????? Why???????????

    • izzy crossing

      izzy crossing

      Acum 2 ore

      tomorrow 😩

  19. Sham


    Acum 2 ore

    Did she just admit to doing incest roleplay????????????? am I the only one that finds this weird? wtf is wrong with Moses?

  20. heyheyhey520


    Acum 2 ore

    Dan coming in so clutch with the meme!!!!! so funny

  21. Thalia C

    Thalia C

    Acum 2 ore

    I have to save this podcast every week to watch during one of my 8 hour shifts because it makes my shift so much better;)

  22. chloe


    Acum 3 ore

    Trish and ethan the kpop stans love you ❤️

  23. Erin Kelly

    Erin Kelly

    Acum 3 ore

    Really wish trish would stop gate keeping ages , seems like she's mad because she's getting older.

  24. Thomas Drennan

    Thomas Drennan

    Acum 3 ore

    1:14:32 play it over and over

  25. Sean O'Donnell

    Sean O'Donnell

    Acum 3 ore

    trisha telling ethan not to feel guilty later for eating the cake was lowkey sweet 🥺

  26. Veres Mátyás

    Veres Mátyás

    Acum 3 ore

    Im dead. Daddyyy

  27. Sam Rae

    Sam Rae

    Acum 3 ore

    Just coming back to rewatch while I wait for this week’s episode. My weekly routine.

  28. MaryLovesMakeup77


    Acum 3 ore

    When Trisha isn’t trying to be a troll she is very intelligent and thoughtful. I love how much she’s grown and her heart is settled. I’m proud of her and how she’s evolved over the years. It’s been rough supporting her sometimes because of her incendiary comments, but 2021 trish is beautiful to watch ❤️

  29. ERICA


    Acum 3 ore

    I I think it’s funny that some people points a Trisha‘s past to prove that she’s lying but her past actually explains why she was acting like that.

  30. Erin Dacus

    Erin Dacus

    Acum 4 ore

    Me, eating, as Trish says "People say they watch ours with food..."

  31. Lacey M

    Lacey M

    Acum 4 ore

    Am I the only that thinks the Gue and makeup white sheet of paper made a really cook art piece? Can I please have.

  32. Ahnika


    Acum 4 ore

    i think he was just tryin to kill my dog real quick 🤠 😂😂

  33. nicotineprxncess


    Acum 4 ore

    Make a anti anxiety book pls omg it’s much needed

  34. orbitsserendipity


    Acum 4 ore

    as someone with an eating disorder, the cake part really really helped. i actually felt okay enough to eat today. thank you so much seriously.

    • sad but_true

      sad but_true

      Acum 2 ore

      I'm so happy for you and proud of you even know i don't know you personally, I'm sooo sooo proud that you've eaten! I hope you have eat something you really like:) it's always ok to eat something! Please keep going every day 💜 some things are though in Life but we humans are stronger than that.

  35. Amylee Kloiber

    Amylee Kloiber

    Acum 5 ore

    Did she say MU-SA-FA???

  36. Sarah Bevan

    Sarah Bevan

    Acum 5 ore

    It’s bothering me that trishas plate is black too. She needs a pink plate ethan you’re slacking

  37. Christopher Montejano

    Christopher Montejano

    Acum 5 ore

    Trisha always gotta speak on a woman at first she coo but damn Trisha leave her ass alone she made money nothing involved wit penis’ point is she isn’t getting railed on camera calm down

    • --


      Acum 5 ore

      she said that she didnt blame the girl at all thought she just didnt like the old men who were preying on her

    • Christopher Montejano

      Christopher Montejano

      Acum 5 ore

      Also do want to say plenty of 18 year old pornstars that are REALLY successful

  38. Irene A

    Irene A

    Acum 5 ore

    I feel like Ethan interrupted Trisha quite a bit mid sentence

  39. Veronica S

    Veronica S

    Acum 6 ore

    i dont understand how trisha doesnt know meme's when she literally is one 😂

  40. Erica Machado

    Erica Machado

    Acum 6 ore

    Ethan eats so loud I can’t handle it

  41. Bubbijs


    Acum 6 ore

    Trisha watching Pewdiepie to see if he mentions tea is like watching Trisha to see if she understands memes

  42. Justine


    Acum 6 ore

    "I can speak Korean" -> pronounce the stuff as if it was Hebrew 😂 Also, that paint was TOO THICC

  43. Dolphins will take over

    Dolphins will take over

    Acum 6 ore

    Trish is an amazing anomaly

  44. Hash Sohan

    Hash Sohan

    Acum 6 ore

    32:10 She deadass said “to make you feel butter” instead of “better” I thought i was hallucinating omfg SHES SO ICONIC 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  45. uyua


    Acum 6 ore

    If Trisha wants to be Jewish so badly she really needs to contact a Rabbi already about beginning conversion. Obviously reform.

  46. bambidays


    Acum 6 ore

    ethan has to be so careful around trisha and idk this episode it just rubbed me up the wrong way, like her talking about the whole logan thing even though she KNOWS what he said abt ethan and the family, i found it really offensive honestly that ethan still has to walk on eggshells around her...

  47. lust for cats

    lust for cats

    Acum 7 ore

    pls adopt a kid from colombia people here don’t have anything and there are too many kids that come from Venezuela because of the crisis



    Acum 7 ore

    these episodes are so long i probably take 5 days to finish one episode

    • sad but_true

      sad but_true

      Acum 2 ore

      No? We all want longer episodes!

  49. pearl


    Acum 7 ore

    that was NOT korean 😭 hAnnaH dEwL sEt

  50. DroneXFun


    Acum 7 ore

    I'll have to try one of those VIP tour guides at Disney.

  51. Ica688


    Acum 7 ore

    fifteen boys? NINE minors? what the fuck

  52. Ica688


    Acum 7 ore

    fifteen boys? NINE minors? what the fuck

  53. BlueEyedLegend


    Acum 7 ore

    Trisha really botched counting to 10 in Korean 😂 love her tho.

  54. Your Father

    Your Father

    Acum 7 ore

    H3 pure hygiene gay

  55. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa Mandes

    Acum 7 ore

    How sweet is Ethan for doing ALL that for the dogs he found! That’s seriously going above and beyond!

  56. Momo


    Acum 7 ore

    Ethan is so funny this episode omg

  57. Missy2Mrs


    Acum 7 ore

    I'm living for their energy this episode, I love it

  58. Jake


    Acum 7 ore

    their conversation about eat the rich?? that was so hard to watch while high.

  59. Christina Steele

    Christina Steele

    Acum 7 ore

    I really just love how we ended up at cake turds 😂

  60. P B

    P B

    Acum 8 ore

    "Eating the rich", you ARE the rich lmao

  61. Lynee Anna Salvatore

    Lynee Anna Salvatore

    Acum 8 ore

    If any ROfilmr trying to sabotage Ethan, I hope u lose subscribers daily..haha

  62. Frane Kružičević

    Frane Kružičević

    Acum 8 ore

    Trisha is my therapist

  63. no, i don't want no slugs

    no, i don't want no slugs

    Acum 8 ore

    3:39 EYYY! I'm in Japan right now! I'm not Japanese (I'm working abroad), but you've got a viewer in Japan haha. (The majority of Japanese people don't speak English and are mostly on the Japanese side of ROfilm, so I wouldn't expect Japanese stans soon unless you sub the videos in Japanese or something)

  64. Chella Nutella

    Chella Nutella

    Acum 8 ore

    she said .. where's your star of david? can't identify you! 😭

    • sad but_true

      sad but_true

      Acum 2 ore

      Lmfao ja 😂 greetings from germany

  65. C L

    C L

    Acum 8 ore

    ethan demanding the audience to “relax RELAX” is so funny to me

  66. Brittany Black

    Brittany Black

    Acum 9 ore

    I love when you talk about tourettes. I have tourettes and its really misunderstood. I wish more influencers and celebrities talked about it to there audience.

    • sad but_true

      sad but_true

      Acum 2 ore

      Yes! Billie eilish has Tourettes too! There are so much celebs who has it.. but I feel Like they never speak out about that! Only the ones who swearing and stuff speaks out..

  67. Summer Day

    Summer Day

    Acum 9 ore


  68. twisted rc up north boys

    twisted rc up north boys

    Acum 9 ore

    Trisha you were in the we made you music video? I wanna hear how that was!

  69. 50hellkat2


    Acum 10 ore

    When Nazis start rounding up jews again???? WTF is Ethen even....talking about? Enuf!

  70. Lady


    Acum 10 ore

    You’ll send the soap shavings 😭✋✋✋

  71. Padmè Amidala

    Padmè Amidala

    Acum 10 ore

    as a Jew, WHAT PLEASE

  72. Frane Kružičević

    Frane Kružičević

    Acum 10 ore

    hahah her memes are funny because they are wrong i love her

  73. Sara Doll

    Sara Doll

    Acum 10 ore

    I agree 100% with Trisha about not having an Identity, its a BPD symptoms of constantly trying to change yourself and never knowing who you are

  74. Serena Gregory

    Serena Gregory

    Acum 10 ore

    oohh god i need to watch Mr Robot again

  75. absolutely !

    absolutely !

    Acum 10 ore

    are we just gonna ignore how good the last piece of art trisha made with paint was-

  76. Khazlyn Lim

    Khazlyn Lim

    Acum 10 ore

    I've been binging frenemies for 2 days and I don't know what to do anymore aosjdhs

  77. Jade Gonzalez

    Jade Gonzalez

    Acum 11 ore

    Me in law school like 👁👄👁

  78. Lauren Ewing

    Lauren Ewing

    Acum 11 ore

    Trisha: do you think anyone from Japan is watching us? 🤔 Ethan: No 😐 Me (someone who lives in Japan): what am I? A roach? 🤨 /\

  79. Bethany Rowe

    Bethany Rowe

    Acum 11 ore

    Tbf, I Stan trishas fangirling of rami, he's adorable xoxo

  80. Syntax Error

    Syntax Error

    Acum 11 ore

    Cake time

  81. POEETIC5


    Acum 11 ore

    Your shit looks like a paralysis demon --lmao

  82. steven stevenson666

    steven stevenson666

    Acum 12 ore

    I was going through ethan’s comments on his instagram and his old fanbase is so annoying, they are literally like a little boys club. saying they miss the old ethan and he’s not the same anymore, “ethan fell off hard” as if people dont grow up. he has a child now, do they really think he’s gonna be doing and saying the same shit he was 5+ years ago? i’m glad ethan changed cause his old fanbase was full of incels who think “dark humor” aka sexism, racism, and homophobia is peak comedy.

    • steven stevenson666

      steven stevenson666

      Acum 12 ore

      like, this dude is 35, he’s allowed to just sit w a friend and talk shit on the internet, he doesn’t need to shock anyone with offensive content to get views anymore, he’s already an established personality with a family to care for. He can make whatever content he wants, he’s past all the dark humor and anti sjw shit these little boys want back so bad.

  83. guganga12


    Acum 13 ore

    What have they changed into, shame on you ethan.

  84. Hayley Moretti

    Hayley Moretti

    Acum 13 ore

    I laughed so hard at the end when Ethan was eating the cake 😂 "Do a cake turd with me" LMFAO.

  85. its me

    its me

    Acum 13 ore

    I think ethan feels super comfortable around trisha now 😂 the cake turd 😂

  86. jecayla deskin

    jecayla deskin

    Acum 14 ore

    Me being in love with Danielle Bregoli since I was a minor too. Me being 18 before her. Me excited she turned 18 so I can start being in love with her again.

  87. elle clark

    elle clark

    Acum 14 ore

    Hey. I'm liking this show a lot, but Trisha is being anti semetic. It's disturbing to see her do that when she is marrying a Jewish person. She's normalizing sawing Jew, she didn't like Kyle Mooney because he's Jewish. That means she is actively seeking out that information about people and then disliking them for it. If she thinks it's cute it's not. I'm not "offended", I disturbed about the repercussions if this doesn't stop.

  88. Kathryn Goy

    Kathryn Goy

    Acum 14 ore

    "I hope we have more to offer the world then eating and being fat" hahahahaha same

  89. Alejandra Miranda

    Alejandra Miranda

    Acum 14 ore

    Candle sticks hole 😂😂😂💀💀

  90. Eliot L Nguyen

    Eliot L Nguyen

    Acum 14 ore

    Man...some episodes Trisha's passive-aggressiveness and her ego is ANNOYING as fudge. You can tell Ethan's just trying to babysit the emotions every single time Trisha takes a small jab at Ethan lol. She kinda gaslights him sometimes too when she asks him a question, he answers honestly, and then she makes fun of him...like what?

  91. dora explorer

    dora explorer

    Acum 14 ore

    Trisha! Check out show and tell by Melanie Martinez! Feel like you’d relate ❤️

  92. Junie Cardo

    Junie Cardo

    Acum 14 ore

    Anyone else feel like Trisha was being a huge BITCH on this episode? Ethan is right, he definitely is a better friend to her then she is to him. It’s sad, tighten up Trish da Bish

    • Trash Bag

      Trash Bag

      Acum 11 ore

      Who says “bish” anymore? cringe.

  93. Sophia Gutierrez

    Sophia Gutierrez

    Acum 14 ore

    ethan: “everybody relax, relax, everybody zen...zen” 5 seconds later.. ad: “take a second and close your eyes and calm the mind” (calm app add)

  94. Scarlett Lozano

    Scarlett Lozano

    Acum 15 ore

    I wish both Hila and Trisha get pregnant at the same time that’d be so cool

  95. Faiza A

    Faiza A

    Acum 15 ore

    Trisha used to defend Shane so hard and can’t even keep half the same energy for Ethan. Idk that doesn’t feel right.

  96. Ashley


    Acum 15 ore

    Someone please give me the time stamp of when they talk about fat rami malek, I’ve been slowly skipping through the podcast and can’t find it anywhere

    • Ashley


      Acum 4 ore

      @c'est la vie tysm!!

    • c'est la vie

      c'est la vie

      Acum 15 ore


  97. abcd efg

    abcd efg

    Acum 16 ore

    im not hundred percent sure but i think the billionaire was peter thiel

  98. Alexandra Benson

    Alexandra Benson

    Acum 16 ore

    Instead of shishters/trishters. 10/10, you’re welcome. (Yes, I edited for spelling)

  99. Netasha Wells

    Netasha Wells

    Acum 16 ore

    OMG ETHAN STOP INTERRUPTING. For like the last hour of the podcast Trisha couldn’t even get a word out. I was getting so frustrated! With peace and love Let her speak, you’re the one always going off the rails. 🙁

  100. lana gaga

    lana gaga

    Acum 16 ore

    if yall gonna do satisfying video please dan zoom. zoom to the stuff.