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Water Cooling INSIDE A CPU

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Check out the POWERlab at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, who performed the research featured in this video: www.epfl.ch/labs/powerlab/
Learn about a new in-chip water cooling method that might make its way into processors sooner than you think!
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  1. Boom Bap

    Boom Bap

    Acum 11 ore

    I have a question, i bought a Radeon RX 5600 XT, is that good? This is my first pc ever so i wanted to get a good card, i dont know if i chose well

  2. Dingo Prod

    Dingo Prod

    Acum 18 ore

    Up the game of techquickie, much better than the "blank void" ;-)

  3. Shayashi of Myth

    Shayashi of Myth

    Acum o Zi

    New set is fine, but looking at the side of Linus's head is unnecessary... Switching up camera angles is perfectly normal but you don't need such a drastic diagonal... Even just coming in from a slight angle to switch it up would be more than enough

  4. Τσάμπρας Γιάννης

    Τσάμπρας Γιάννης

    Acum 2 Zile

    2:03 big misunderstanding from linus here , the 1.7Kw figure refers to the converter's power, not the heat dissipation. The heat dissipation is one minus the converter's efficiency times 1.7kw , which comes to much much less than 1.7kw . Disappointed in your "science" team.



    Acum 2 Zile

    Linus 2022 : how to water cool water cooler water

  6. rohit kumar

    rohit kumar

    Acum 3 Zile

    Is this my idea

  7. TravisFabel


    Acum 4 Zile

    We do like the set better than the green screen.

  8. Peekofwar


    Acum 4 Zile

    Water cooled smart watch... Premium DLC feature $39.99: Turn off water pump for wrist warmer mode...

  9. P A T C H E S T

    P A T C H E S T

    Acum 5 Zile

    Why is the cameraman mad today?

  10. Ben Korpella

    Ben Korpella

    Acum 5 Zile

    Love the sets, as well as the different angles (2:12) Use these for the other channels too, please.

  11. Nao Interessa

    Nao Interessa

    Acum 5 Zile

    I guess gas cooling like in air conditioning woulb be better due to viscosity

  12. Ruben Camarena

    Ruben Camarena

    Acum 5 Zile

    Why not check out your sponsor? Well to be quick to the point.. it’s cause your a apple hatter & suck at even fake liking them. Thumbs down.

  13. New Fifa Live PS4

    New Fifa Live PS4

    Acum 6 Zile

    The uniqueness of this channel was the green screen and i preferred it

  14. Frostyne


    Acum 6 Zile

    This isnt so quickie...

  15. brent urbis

    brent urbis

    Acum 6 Zile

    Why does he look like Linus?

  16. Martin Vogt

    Martin Vogt

    Acum 6 Zile

    This could be interesting for REALLY small chips running at insane temperatures. I mean isn't really small the endgame of smart tech anyways? At a certain point normal coolers won't have enough contact surface, this in-chip liquid cooling could be one answer.

  17. Kitkat 240

    Kitkat 240

    Acum 6 Zile

    Gunk buildup could become a problem

  18. Travelling Around The World

    Travelling Around The World

    Acum 6 Zile


  19. netsendjoe


    Acum 7 Zile

    I always fantasied about a Liquid Nitrogen self-contained cooling solution roughly 15 years ago. I tried to build something using those thermal conductive chips (TEC's we called them), but it turns out they emit more heat than a generous heatsink. So mission was failed and people considered Liquid Nitrogen again. I personally had once built a rig that ran on antifreeze because I lived in a basement without heating and always thought antifreeze would be better than using water without risking a potential freeze in winter weather. I was going for awesome there. Worked pretty well. Antifreeze can be used for liquid cooled computers in lower temperature environments. But it still didn't help solve many overheating issues in the past generation.

  20. TheThoman Man

    TheThoman Man

    Acum 7 Zile

    Why not cnc the heat speader into the water cooler

  21. Gregory Hinton

    Gregory Hinton

    Acum 7 Zile

    Maybe a better solution to the problem of CPU heat dissipation is to just not generate the heat in the first place. With Intel/AMD processors increasingly needing more and more exotic cooling technology to keep from melting, I have to wonder if ARM CPUs will someday soon be the preferred processors for high-performance systems. Currently, the world's fastest supercomputer is using ARM.

  22. J Wag

    J Wag

    Acum 7 Zile

    I've been watching you spend thousands, all the while waiting for this sort of simplification that the average person will be able to afford.

  23. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel Robinson

    Acum 7 Zile

    Use this same microchannel tech for phase change heatpipe cooling

  24. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball

    Acum 7 Zile

    The problem I see with this is fouling the microchannels over time, and separately of course the risk of the pump breaking down. Chip manufacturers want to shift the risk into the cooling manufacturers so that they only have to worry about the processor performance and I don’t blame them, I would be much more concerned about reliability through a micro channel water loop, and that would be a monumental challenge for cleaning, if that is even possible.

    • Jonathan Ball

      Jonathan Ball

      Acum 7 Zile

      Plus just think of how many rookies would end up soaking their chipset during the installation process. It’s much safer to keep the chip and it’s cooler separate. CPU dies Change the cpu. Cooler dies, change the cooler, with an integrated system, if either breaks down, you need to replace the CPU which is the expensive part. Air coolers are reliable and for all except the most obsessive tinkerer, usually all you need to keep a high performance machine working well for years.

  25. JDADRlAN


    Acum 7 Zile

    Again, one of my small ideas was invented before i did it myself ;/

  26. Alexander Giulik

    Alexander Giulik

    Acum 8 Zile

    it's more comfortable for me to watch you in a more natural enviroment than a green screen. i like it in this way !

  27. monkey about

    monkey about

    Acum 8 Zile

    It will be in mobile devices first.

  28. SCI-Lie CUBIE


    Acum 8 Zile

    Green screen is better 👍👍👍

  29. BuddyBot


    Acum 8 Zile

    Isn't my laptop cpu die being cooled directly?

  30. ken Tries

    ken Tries

    Acum 8 Zile

    Is this the new studio

  31. Ivan on Tech

    Ivan on Tech

    Acum 8 Zile

    Bitcoin is Cash with wings

  32. Ivan on Tech

    Ivan on Tech

    Acum 8 Zile

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    Ivan on Tech

    Acum 8 Zile

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  34. AfroNinja1995


    Acum 8 Zile

    God I love videos like this. It's fun and games to watch unbox therapy while having you're having your dinner or breakfast or whatever, coz let's be honest we all know we can't always afford that new piece of tech. But if you really want cognitive shit, then it's right here. 👌🏾

  35. Rendani Khobo

    Rendani Khobo

    Acum 8 Zile

    I like the green screen. It feels mor straight to the point. Info only (side joke here and there) The prefer the sets to stay in The main channel and ShortCircuit. But in the end of its easier and more fun to present in the set go for it. Happy team, happy content.

    • Aggy


      Acum 8 Zile

      yup, looks momre like a ltt video

  36. Stargazer


    Acum 8 Zile

    3:25 that was a weird and jarring shot

  37. sizdizD xD

    sizdizD xD

    Acum 8 Zile

    Hey, im a noobie when it comes to pc parts, and I was wondering what is the best cpu for Asus Cerberus GeForce GTX 1050? Preferably under 130 usd.

    • Aggy


      Acum 8 Zile

      Ryzen 3 5th or 3rd gen, or a core i5 4500 if you go on ebay you'll find it for wvwn cheaper

  38. Grenzo


    Acum 8 Zile

    Next up: Cooling a liquid nitrogen cooler with liquid nitrogen!

  39. AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]-

    AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]-

    Acum 9 Zile

    @Techquickie hey dude my laptop can't google anything . It can open sites but can't google something . I believe it's cause the system of searching was somehow deleted . Since I found a debug saying that google couldn't google first name stuff . Which is the way google searches stuff , it's by searching the closest thing to what you wrote and that thing isn't working

  40. Fred D

    Fred D

    Acum 9 Zile

    Can we please get more Antony videos? Pretty please? (ps: I Like you Linus, I just think you guys are the two stars of the show)

  41. NC GRAVE


    Acum 9 Zile

    Uh... linus? Man... you have let yourself go...

  42. MF175mp


    Acum 9 Zile

    Next generation usb standard should feature 2 coolant hoses inside the cable for water cooled devices



    Acum 9 Zile

    damm i thought wow first time ever a video without a goddam sponsor at least i hoped so each time he tells us about sponsors he sounds like he got brainwashed by mark zuckerberg and also got the zucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  44. Alon Holstein

    Alon Holstein

    Acum 9 Zile

    way better than a green screen.

  45. Asanda Ndimande

    Asanda Ndimande

    Acum 9 Zile

    👀 Amazing everytime I think I've come up with a new idea Somebody's already building it.

  46. UnKnao


    Acum 9 Zile

    how is the chip going to cool the water?

  47. UPS Atwal

    UPS Atwal

    Acum 9 Zile

    Did they upload this to the wrong ltt channel?

  48. Necronomicon


    Acum 9 Zile

    Maintenance sounds like problem with this. Those channels are so fine, there must not be any amount debris in your cooling water or they would clog up instantly.

  49. Alfred Ramirez

    Alfred Ramirez

    Acum 9 Zile

    Wouldnt look as cool doe

  50. Noukz


    Acum 9 Zile


  51. Orlando Rotundo

    Orlando Rotundo

    Acum 9 Zile

    Apple puts Ram onto Chip Master Race does this

    • Orlando Rotundo

      Orlando Rotundo

      Acum 9 Zile

      the Apple product is on the market first tough

  52. iDennis95


    Acum 9 Zile

    Please don't do the camera shot from the side of your face. it's so un personal and American.

  53. pxa4535 pxa4a

    pxa4535 pxa4a

    Acum 9 Zile

    the best method of cooling would require a whole new design on the motherboard, if they somehow managed to suspend the processor in a mini vacuum tunnel it would keep the processor very cool.

  54. PrivateSi


    Acum 9 Zile

    All CPUs and GPUs should be able to run fanless with a heat sink built into the heat spreader that can be expanded with a larger heat sink and/or air and/or water cooling. Should have been like this years ago. Didn't have to be this fancy new microstructure, although now it's invented and hopefully cost effective it's a good addition to the basic concept... It's like they want to sell junk more than fundamentally improve products.

  55. Ved Chavan

    Ved Chavan

    Acum 9 Zile

    samsung exynos is gonna benifit a lot from this tech if they ever decide to utilize this 😂😂

  56. Mystic Ranger

    Mystic Ranger

    Acum 9 Zile

    So is water cooling using literal water likefrom my sink?

  57. Daniel lieberman

    Daniel lieberman

    Acum 9 Zile

    3:56 foreshadowing...I can tell its going to happen

  58. Wildanimalrescue


    Acum 9 Zile

    The thumbnail hurt me

  59. krugtech


    Acum 9 Zile

    I play you at 1.5 speed. CALM THE F DOWN! hahahahahaha

  60. All about Nature

    All about Nature

    Acum 9 Zile

    How about placing radiator in refrigerator

  61. Alan Xu

    Alan Xu

    Acum 9 Zile

    well thats gonna make the die bigger, which makes the info thats travelling withing the die longer, which is what you really dont want.....

  62. Dario Karnincic

    Dario Karnincic

    Acum 9 Zile

    Is it just me or is there a nice layer of dust inside that background PC :)

  63. kraken767


    Acum 9 Zile

    I wondered years ago why people weren't doing this. Sometimes i wonder if i should patent every idea i get. Cuz this aint the first time ive had an idea, then like 5-10 years later see it in a store or something similar. Lol, honestly probably coincidence rather than people actually hearing of my ideas. :P

  64. Bhanu Teja

    Bhanu Teja

    Acum 9 Zile

    Hey please make a video about brave browser

  65. IronDebiMan


    Acum 9 Zile

    This technologie isn't just invented this year as you can see in this article: phys.org/news/2015-10-liquid-cooling-chip-denser-electronics.html

  66. MEM


    Acum 10 Zile

    be prepared to change coolant frequently along side coolant filters, the last thing you want is floaters growing in your coolant blocking the channels in the chip

  67. Blandeaux Fillaskii

    Blandeaux Fillaskii

    Acum 10 Zile

    A few bits of dust and those channels get blocked. Never going to make it to consumer products.

  68. Harry Chen

    Harry Chen

    Acum 10 Zile

    Is this an out-of-season April Fool's joke?

  69. DigitalFlow


    Acum 10 Zile

    Long term its a pretty bad idea, anyone who has run a waterblock for more than 3-4 years knows this.

  70. Argih Bueno

    Argih Bueno

    Acum 10 Zile

    One thing is to move away the heat from the heat spots and other completely different is to dissipate it, you Still will need a way to keep the liquid cool enough that it can continues to extract heat, so while you will need less liquid you will need a more efficient way to dissipate heat into the ambient than a radiator, maybe a peltier will be a must in those systems.

  71. MrDanthemaniam


    Acum 10 Zile

    IBM did this years ago with a computer in Germany called the Super MUC. I was the ME at the company that made the manifolds to collect and distribute the coolant between the rack units. Cray was also doing this good couple years before IBM. Generically it's known as warm water cooling. This is because they don't need to chill the water to extract the heat from the processor. The coolant actually gets warm enough that they can eliminate some of the heat pumps in the system and recover a lot more energy.

  72. Kunal Agrawal

    Kunal Agrawal

    Acum 10 Zile

    How many channels does Linus have?!

  73. Diconica Bastion

    Diconica Bastion

    Acum 10 Zile

    There is a massive draw back to this system. The water has to be extremely clean. Any particles in it will clog the capillaries in a short amount of time. That means no filling it with tap water. HAving to have a special filtration system in the loop to keep any particles generated from the pump and other components from being pushed into the CPU cooling system. The filter would have to be as close as possible to the CPU to ensure the least amount of water loop is between it and the cpu. That means this entire cooling system is going to go up in cost a lot.

  74. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon

    Acum 10 Zile

    Intel: our CPUs will run so cold!! Amd: 2000W CPU outperforming Intel's server farm confirmed

  75. Ying Chiu Luk

    Ying Chiu Luk

    Acum 10 Zile

    Debris will always form over time in water cooling solutions. How will that affect liquid flow inside the chips is an important issue that need solutions for it.

  76. minsuk2007


    Acum 10 Zile


  77. Thomas Moll

    Thomas Moll

    Acum 10 Zile

    Speaking as someone with some industry experience: this will likely never come to consumer chips. Single die processors already involve hundreds of exposures and etching phases to be created with each step adding time, money and complexity. All chips are subjected to a binning process and the additional exposures needed to create the channels introduces more opportunities for error later on. However I could see this direct die cooling being done in a stacked setup like SK Hynix’s HBM which was featured on the data center V100 GPU chip where they fab both chips separately, then weld the top layer on. This way they could sell chips as normal with a bonded or welded IHS and one with the welded micro channels on top. I’m definitely excited about this space since water cooling has always been over engineered because of the thermal inefficiencies between different substrates.

  78. Joe Chang

    Joe Chang

    Acum 10 Zile

    that's nice, but much of the delta-T occurs in the oxide layer of any metal exposed to oxygen, how do we get rid of this layer

  79. Toaster Chicken

    Toaster Chicken

    Acum 10 Zile

    Isn't this a 10 year old concept? I remember this aaaaaaaaages ago. Linus needs to step it up, he's 10 years behind and needs to get good.

  80. zhen


    Acum 10 Zile

    I just Got a Pulseware Linus ads on a Linus video

  81. The Joke's on Life

    The Joke's on Life

    Acum 10 Zile

    Is the MacBook video ready yet?

  82. Doug Horn

    Doug Horn

    Acum 10 Zile

    Wow! I can't wait!

  83. Leafeon


    Acum 10 Zile

    Techquickie videos are Linus but shot from a 45 degree angle huh

  84. Imrit


    Acum 10 Zile

    Nothing new internal combustion engines have been doing this for ever

  85. Memories


    Acum 10 Zile

    This new setup is comfortable to watch not like the old one with the white color hurting our eyes.

  86. LÆVIS


    Acum 10 Zile

    People in 2025 be like: Check it out, my device runs on WARM, The crazy fast and efficient Watercooled ARM.

    • Matías Vidal Valladares

      Matías Vidal Valladares

      Acum 10 Zile

      Nice one xD

  87. R M

    R M

    Acum 10 Zile

    Buh linuz water air cooling is just as gewddwwwdww

  88. Gags


    Acum 10 Zile

    NO - I don't want to be a licensed plumber to build a PC. It is time to get rid of silicon and get something more efficient and faster. Right now with a top Intel Chip and a top GPU you get a free built-in oven. A PC should not need a 1000W power supply in 2020

  89. TheOmegaAlfa


    Acum 10 Zile

    There's been a prototype like that several years ago already, I was wondering why is it so silent on the topic.

  90. protox4


    Acum 10 Zile

    That would probably end LN2 cooling also. I image LN2 cooling a chip with water in it would cause it to expand and break apart.

  91. TenshihanQuinn


    Acum 10 Zile


  92. Nicolas Thoux

    Nicolas Thoux

    Acum 10 Zile

    Would it be possible to watercool a cpu without its IHS on it ?

  93. LostSoul


    Acum 10 Zile

    I like the new set

  94. Abe Dillon

    Abe Dillon

    Acum 10 Zile

    DNA storage isn't stuck in the lab! It's been used all over the world for billions of years!

  95. Sai Rakshith.A

    Sai Rakshith.A

    Acum 10 Zile

    Hi I have a question for u y cpu and gpu r square ??

  96. Tsukishiro Sayuki

    Tsukishiro Sayuki

    Acum 10 Zile

    Intel: can it cool my 14+++++++++++++++ 7ghz stock all cores?

  97. stcredzero


    Acum 10 Zile

    What if Apple buys this and combines this with Apple Silicon? This could result in fanless yet extremely powerful machines! What if the water microchannels could be integrated into the Macbook Air case?

  98. Brandon Mullen

    Brandon Mullen

    Acum 10 Zile

    I have always wondered why you used the green screen. I really liked this set

  99. JJ_ TRA

    JJ_ TRA

    Acum 10 Zile

    What ACTUALLY goes on while in the loading screen?

  100. Jhaner Madriaga

    Jhaner Madriaga

    Acum 10 Zile

    This might outdate PS5 hardware pretty quickly