What was inside this tunnel, that killed 520 passengers?

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On the rainy night of March 2nd, 1944, the overnight steam-power freight train 8017 from Battipaglia to Potenza, did not pass through the railway station at Balvano in southern Italy.
The station master there was not overly worried.
But later at 5:10 that morning, when one of the crewmen from the freight train staggered into the railway station, the Station Master knew something was seriously wrong.

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Created by Daniel Turner
Script: Conan White
Chris Kane
Music Credit:


  1. Simple History

    Simple History

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    🕵️Wait wait, before you watch the video guess what was inside the tunnel?

    • Suraj Jha

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      Morse code

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      my grandfather running to school

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      raid shadow legends

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      Carbon monoxide

  2. Tapaswini DAS

    Tapaswini DAS

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    Oh I Acctually guessed it!! They died from the carbon dioxide and since they had no windows or vents they all have died

  3. Jacob Wiles

    Jacob Wiles

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    Those poor Italians were so close to living in liberated Italy.

  4. Moynul Islam Neloi

    Moynul Islam Neloi

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    This gave me goosebumps!

  5. SAD GRIM???

    SAD GRIM???

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    Well now I know that my birth day is on the day 500 people died

  6. George Osborn

    George Osborn

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    Save yourself 8:30 minutes , it was carbon monoxide 🤦‍♂️

  7. Karsten Schoenberg

    Karsten Schoenberg

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    4:57 The worst gases are always odorless

  8. nujabeslistener


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    Chuck Norris?

  9. Stuart Hirsch

    Stuart Hirsch

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    Is that tunnel and railway still in use today?.

  10. iiThefoxteam23


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    Anyone know the music...?

  11. Marc Bondura

    Marc Bondura

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    This is not a mystery they were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning sitting there stopped that’s been established since it happened cmon now find something actually mysterious to lie to people about

  12. Ed Brook

    Ed Brook

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    pretty sure it was russia's greatest love machine

  13. Lhoy Jone Paradise

    Lhoy Jone Paradise

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    Oompa loompas

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    Basically the land version of Medan.

  15. Coen van Haaster

    Coen van Haaster

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    I was gonna guess either CO2 poisoning, or the rest of the mountain

  16. Antonio Baruel

    Antonio Baruel

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    they should have wear like masks

  17. unbekannt unbekant

    unbekannt unbekant

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    this wasn't a tunel this was paint spraid on a mounten to lock like one but if you try to drive trought you drive fullsped against the wall

  18. Lilibeth Caruso

    Lilibeth Caruso

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    soo sad im crying :((((((((((((((((((((

    • Lilibeth Caruso

      Lilibeth Caruso

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      and Im Italian

  19. clux


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    Plot twist it was just gta 5 players trying to stop the train

  20. Warren Bintoro

    Warren Bintoro

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    If a tunnel filled with enough carbon monoxide to kill 520 people. Imagine if it was worldwide. And it’s still happening

  21. mc4906


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    I wondering if this tunnel is still around today? That'd be a good spot for a paranormal investigation (as long as it's no longer in use)

  22. Juan Jackson

    Juan Jackson

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    Video starts at 1:27

  23. CANTEDSXGHT Gaming


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    100 less and this is a meme

  24. TmouseinthehouseYT


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    Simple History: 520 people died because of poisonous gas. My Little Brother trying to teach a class: Alright guys, so today we are going to be talking about how 520 people died because someone farts were deadly



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    In the tunnel is: impostor

  26. Damien Dark Star

    Damien Dark Star

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    Guess what was in the tunnel :) Barack obama

  27. Luis Murrell

    Luis Murrell

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    I wonder if this was the inspiration for that passage in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, where an old coal-burning train gets sent into a tunnel without proper ventilation.

  28. Malcolm McKane

    Malcolm McKane

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    I remember when simple history got to the video when it started

    • Jon Jon

      Jon Jon

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      Me too

  29. Robin Meehan

    Robin Meehan

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    Coyote Peterson: sees this video Also Coyote Peterson: *Y E S*

  30. El Chiviri

    El Chiviri

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    They should’ve sent a gas mask team or something.

  31. Rick Biddlecome

    Rick Biddlecome

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    I made my own helmet with a bucket. From mono lottablog

  32. Jaidan Brashier

    Jaidan Brashier

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    Oh... I thought might have been an object blocking the tracks, and the train collided with it at high speed, killing a bunch of people. Was not expecting that.

  33. Ex6tenze


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    Video starts at 1:23 .

  34. Hotel Papa

    Hotel Papa

    Acum 6 Zile

    what is the tunnel's name?

  35. Gnappopo2007


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    Something like this could happen in Thomas, but it would only take the narrator to say: "But luckily no one was hurt."

  36. 정문석


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    lucky no one was hurt :)

  37. Pasta Bowl

    Pasta Bowl

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    Wait, is this the Zanetti train?this sounds a little different you should cover that too

  38. Robert Sabo

    Robert Sabo

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    Waits insde the tanell to kill pasengers this is iposebly how

  39. Kovacic


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    Answer - Mothra/Muto

  40. ÆÙŒ *69

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    Uhhh Joe...

  41. Jake Antriasian

    Jake Antriasian

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    4:36 1 AM in the morning



    Acum 7 Zile

    *They caused confusion and delay*

  43. Device Technology

    Device Technology

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    I do not think that the 520 people died

  44. Sven is mad

    Sven is mad

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    Ghost: *It's free real estate*

  45. FBI Open up

    FBI Open up

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    GLADOS, turn on the air conditioning

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  47. FBI Open up

    FBI Open up

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    If only 100 less people were killed

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    Zero dark fifty?!

  49. California Critic

    California Critic

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  50. Peepee Poopoo

    Peepee Poopoo

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    Thanks for the red arrow pointing at the train tunnel don't think I would have seen it without the arrow💪

  51. Hitsuga Aorusaki

    Hitsuga Aorusaki

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    This feels like a creepypasta!!!! The music and setting my gosh

  52. chayes


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    Jesus loves u.

  53. Marcus Eaton

    Marcus Eaton

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    Lmao nice thats what they get for trying to get a free ride

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    Magellan tv

  55. Fredashay Klavierstein

    Fredashay Klavierstein

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    Video starts at 1:30

  56. Киска Блять

    Киска Блять

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    This was definitely one of the more dark and grisly simple history videos

  57. BA9000


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    My guess for what killed them is Captain Price

  58. TimesNewLogan


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    Knew it was gas. Could have been worse: steam engines were prone to "blowbacks" in tunnels, where if the dampers weren't set right when going through the tunnel, the pressure would be unable to escape through the funnel, resulting in it blowing back into the cab. The crew could die slowly and painfully, sometimes lasting for days in their own boiled skin.

  59. BobMuir100


    Acum 8 Zile

    Well it’s no surprise about the cause of death, once one ignores vampires etc smoke is the only possible culprit and I would say no one was to blame for the deaths: war is terrible and has consequences far and wide. Terribly sad for all concerned.

  60. Collateralcoffee


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    1:45 as an intro with ads?? Wow.... you suck.

  61. Chips Handon

    Chips Handon

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    The Fat Controller laughed. "You are dead."

  62. Dankman9


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    Interesting ending.

  63. Uberkist


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    Oh no, I didn't realize the danger of my home helium tank



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    0:51 infinite IKEA SCP-3008

  65. anti fa

    anti fa

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    Guessing the hyperloop

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  67. stan de MLG BOIEEEY

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    Probably high way gogo

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    7:45 - 8:28 ???

  69. Tiger Bond

    Tiger Bond

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    Agian in History where the MEDIA ! Gave the Public AN OPINION! Of what IS HAPPENING! HMMMM Media tells the truth?

  70. BelieveInMatter


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    What absolutely horrific way to die.

  71. Braden The e2 class

    Braden The e2 class

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    My great great great uncal was on that train😢😢😢

  72. My name is artu

    My name is artu

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    Are you sure it was carbón dioxide

  73. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy

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    carbon monoxide NEXT

  74. Lego tutorial and wotb replays

    Lego tutorial and wotb replays

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    Oh I know what u was advertising

  75. Alexander Jr. Sungkip Magtibay

    Alexander Jr. Sungkip Magtibay

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    It's carbon dioxide.

  76. Chimmy Tibula

    Chimmy Tibula

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    1am in the morning, huh? You gonna decapitate someone's head off, too?

  77. account for fun

    account for fun

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    5:25 lol that one passanger still eating his food

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    Something Simple

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    A train

  80. Kimberly Rae

    Kimberly Rae

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    A few miles in 15 minutes? That's pretty damn good for a man at night on a rail line by lamp light - that's Olympic marathon speed.

  81. Randy Surline

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    So sad

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    This is why we put more than 5 points into Endurance and Luck.

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    Go to 1min 23...........to cut the crap !

  85. Mrt Aeda

    Mrt Aeda

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    Horror is that, while some of the stupids killed themselves by reversing, forcing forward, overfilling the train etc... Some of them survived and got out of the tunnel and now are causing more disruptions in society.... Oh it really is scary to think what comes next in this horror story

  86. baraxor


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    Good recount of a wartime tragedy...but when I see the animated victims I keep wanting to yell YOU KILLED KENNY!! YOU BASTARDS!!

  87. David Dews

    David Dews

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    1:30 long self promotion intro🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️



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    great video

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    Your mom

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    A thicc brick wall

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    It was me I was hungry and wanted to eat their *ÇĄŔBØŃ*

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    520 dead bodys

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    Anyone else see the White star line flag

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    5:20 I am very confused by this image

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  96. Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab

    Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab

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    Spoiler: Godzilla did it.

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    82 seconds of introductory advertisement. What a fresh start.

  98. BluDeuce


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    does anyone know the music in the video?

  99. A'Murica


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    7:34 Im not surprised that no-one was given fault. It was the people who boarded the train without being told to really. The Engineers tried to get out of the tunnel but couldnt.

  100. Jonathan Williams

    Jonathan Williams

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    To be clear this was in the free part of Italy that had been liberated by the Allies after Italy switched sides