Why Are Scorpions Fluorescent?

Under UV light, almost all species of scorpions glow a bright green color, but why? Thanks to Capital One Shopping for sponsoring a portion of this video! Avoid Paying Full Price. Get Capital One Shopping for free using this link: capitaloneshopping.com/verita...

A huge thanks to Prof. Carl Kloock for the interview and taking us scorpion hunting at the Panorama Vista Preserve. panoramavista.org/

Zwicky, K. T. (1968). A light response in the tail of Urodacus, a scorpion. Life Sciences, 7(6), 257-262. -- ve42.co/Zwicky1968

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Written by Derek Muller, Emily Zhang, Petr Lebedev
Animation by Iván Tello
Filmed by Derek Muller and Emily Zhang
Edited by Brian Kim
Additional video supplied by Getty Images
Music from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com
And "Sneaky Snitch" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Produced by Derek Muller, Emily Zhang and Petr Lebedev


  1. Sagar Agrawal

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    Do they heat up or cool down while absobring UV light & whle emiting Fluorescence. body heat regulation

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    как дела?

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    Why is everything apart from text books so damn interesting and easy to grasp. 1. So basically now I feel humans actually aren't that forward, yeah I know ROfilm and the g board which I am typing on is by humans, but here UV light mutates our DNA to cause all sorts of disorder, and here are other organisms, which basically have an adaptation for that. 2 . ME initially : why didn't they just use a bottle of Vinegar to capture that scorpion, I am so smart........and then me the next moment to myself, " oh wait, what if that glowing thing is a metabolic activity and basically dead things lack metabolism, so no use, I am so dumb "

  4. Nigza Minja

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    Here's another hypothesis: Evolution isn't real An explosion can't create what we perceive as reality. In other words a tornado can't go through a junk yard and create a Boeing 747 if u knw what I mean. Evolution also violates many laws of physics such as bio-genesis and others. If the good doctor could look into that then I'd pay to see that video!

  5. Juan Rascon

    Juan Rascon

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    My hypothesis: could it be that that it was a preferred mating trait? Much like peacocks or many other animals, exotic colors attract a partner, or maybe it also helps so that scorpions are able to find a mate in the dark, maybe even identify the gender by some difference in their glow. More often that not, counterproductive traits are kept by a mating preference in species.

  6. Vineet Verma

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    Scorpian is also a zodiac symbol. I think it shows some sort of energy, so may be Scorpians are more energetic at night.



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    They want to be seen so other know it is dangerous

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    uv can blind with flowers like spiders they can use it to sit on desert flowers (plants and rocks) or look like them and capture insects.

  11. The Lost Ronin

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    Was shocked to find fluorescing scorpions in central NC - they were so small, about the size of a pencil tip, but clearly had green-glowing tails even under natural light. I haven't seen them since I got chickens 😂

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    Just my hypothesis maybe You already have it sir --> What if they are using UV light as their Biological clock I mean like in humans we differntiate between Day and Night on the basis of Sunlight mainly . And scorpions are nocturnal so at night it is good for them to hunt in moonlight or no light and when it is day time they hide in crack or under the stones to sleep or rest and during sunlight they can sense the UV lights comming from the Sun and their vision range is like in UV + Visible . UV during the time of when they originally arise and now they have even evolved to both ?? . Just my views if you are reading this Derek please reply , to correct my assumptions I am really fasinated about Scorpions . P.S Love Your Content Brother :)

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    Out of interest, did you use a full spectrum modified camera to shoot the night scenes? I understand it’s in the visual spectrum but it looks different, maybe that’s just the black light and the fact the black light is somewhat broad band

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    but the UV photobleaching process could be messing with the scorpion’s full body light detection independently of the fluorescence. It could be that the UV exposure over time destroys the light detection and also the fluorescent protein. So it does not prove that the fluorescence is related to light sensing.

  26. The Kingdom

    The Kingdom

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    The last hypothesis is most likely the correct one. Using their fluorescence to determine if it's night or day in-order to come out to forage for food. That makes the most sense out of all his hypothesis'.

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    On our property in Arkansas, we had a place we called "Scorpion Hill". When I was 8 or 9 8 I began to preserve them. I enjoyed showing them at school. Everyone loved them. Some were afraid at first, but I think I may have contributed to scorpion awareness. Back in those day kids did not come to school without pocket knives. Today the schools would consider my dead scorpion a weapon and expell me permanently. Silly no tolerance policies! I was always fascinated with the odd color of their bodies. If only I had known they glowed in ultra violet light. I am surprised I did not figure it out my self. SOME DIAMOND FROM ARKANSAS GLOW ALSO. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY. There is a man from Texas on ROfilm who demonstrates this fact!

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