Why Don’t Fish Care About Their Bodies?

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    Enjoy the video friends!

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      Evolution doesn’t exist

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      change the coffee slurping intro and I can bro

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      8:25 but you just one of the downsides

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      Ohh I did have a back

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      How meny subs have u

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    Glen Nocturnville

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    "Survive and procreate" So true, bro, so true

  3. sean hankerd

    sean hankerd

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    So in theory cold blooded animals will win out because of global warming ...depends if you believe in global warming hmmmm...... i guess only in the future will we be able to tell.

  4. Curious


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    Mutants count. Remember, mutation is the first step in evolution 😂😂😂

  5. mike bar

    mike bar

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    Because they're Lean

  6. Bloody Brilliant !

    Bloody Brilliant !

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    Mammals want to eat them AND humans too ? Tough life 😎

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    Gotta give props to the fish.

  8. iPlay GameBoy

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    Fish : human never understand how much pain I feel.

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    you do know fish are vertebrates right?

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    120 years.

  11. Rylan PlayZ

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    I caught 1 gar yesterday I love fishing

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    But can I regenerate my broken heart tho 🤔

  13. Amber Kat

    Amber Kat

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    I wonder if scientists could turn back on the regeneration in some lab mice and see if it actually does have negative effects. Why speculate if we could actually test it?

  14. Prison Mike

    Prison Mike

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    I used to feed my fish goldfish and sometimes there would be heads with pectoral fins swimming around

  15. Master Xiong

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    Fish like all living creatures... Only need vital organs to survive

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    Ew I hate that

  17. Luna Avp

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    Yo I was the 1,000,000 view!!!!

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    they can't do anything about it dosent mean they don't care

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    Since when do people live to 150 years old 🤔

  21. Uhhhh


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    my dad is a fisherman and we caught A LOT of bitten fish that were alive

  22. Prashant Singh

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    What???? 150? What will I do in next 90 year after my retirement?

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    " Steve where's your back!?" Lmao 🤣

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    well, to make it short fish is fish

  25. Noah Lockwood

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    ".... it's ok to eat fish, cause they don't have any feelings..." -Kurt Cobain

  26. ahmed Kash

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    Axolotols are Masters of regenerate i As well

  27. Firdazz Haqanzi

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    meanwhie my aquarium fish *touch *dieded

  28. Steven Hall

    Steven Hall

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    Many lizards and salamanders can regenerate their tales and many Salamanders can also regenerate their limbs as well, Tiger salamanders are well known for this ability!

  29. Anubis


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    How bored does a Greenland shark get living that old

  30. Demo


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    8:03 well I hope it is not too fishy to wear it.

  31. Aoi Chibi

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    Fish are the epitome of "Tis' but a scratch".

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    Can fish feel pain 🤔



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    grandmas 🤢🤮

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    Whoa whoa whoa. Any fish skin. ow much processing. Elaborate. You cut off on the most fascinating part. You know skinning a fish is EASY

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    Slurp gulp intro so gross

  37. Luke DLN

    Luke DLN

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    A fish I once caught had my hooks through it’s eye and didn’t even care

  38. Aokoen


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    How the hell can you assume regeneration prevents smartness x'D That's a massive leap. The thing is probably simply because complexity is hardly compatible with the regeneration. Regrowing a limb would require 15 years. (The time it took to completely grow in the first place, think how long it takes to be an adult) You would die from the lack of limb by then. The trait wouldn't even have a chance to be selected through reproduction.

  39. Anarchy And Empires

    Anarchy And Empires

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    Screw nature I want my wolverine powers!!!

  40. Dave Bentley

    Dave Bentley

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    Fish can't do much about anything without having apposing thumbs.

  41. Calvin Renter

    Calvin Renter

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    My Guy, go fish at a spillway an half them bois zombies

  42. KimblesTheBrave


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    "Evolution knows exactly what it's doing" - That isn't true! Evolution is a random process of trial and error that only takes things from "bad" to "good enough". Even if you had all the time in the world, things still wouldn't evolve to be "perfect" unless their environment was so incredibly hostile or competitive that being "perfect" becomes the only way for them to survive and pass on their genes. Basically there has to be selective pressure for improvement to actually happen, so progress stops once it reaches "good enough". A lot of people like to characterize evolution as having some kind of higher goal, but that can mislead viewers on how the process actually works. Just something to be aware of!

  43. adolf george

    adolf george

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    Ps there a video whit an fish whit out guts and still moving haven't seen that!? Its fun.

  44. adolf george

    adolf george

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    The video is informative, entertaining, and informative, and I like the voice of narrator . So iff I don't like the info I just skip the video, or I get more info about what I have seen so I can give an DISLIKE👎 ; ....BEE SMART and getting information and after give DISLIKE or LIKE.

  45. lim meng yang

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    humans can live too without arms & legs lol try removing the guts or gills & see whether it survive. come on use some logic

  46. Cody Childress

    Cody Childress

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    Bro they don’t even have a brain, stop picking on fish lol



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    Good video, the only thing that I don't believe is attributing everything to evolution. Monkeys 100, 200 years ago are still monkeys. Planets are not generated by hitting two stones., try it yourself. Humans are still humans 500 years ago. Phenomenons like radio waves are already there even before we discovered them. The human eyes are so good that no cameras invented can mimic them yet. Organic beings are so complex like a watch, all components contribute to different functions. You cannot create things by just hitting two stones together as theorized by evolution.

  48. Solo


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    Evolution doesn’t exist

  49. Leo Park

    Leo Park

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    Thought one of the downsides of using fish skin to heal you'd say, "..and it makes you smell fishy."



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    But why the fish in the pet store die easily

  51. Jony Be

    Jony Be

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    Of course they care...

  52. MFD


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    Me : Accidently fed 2 pellets too many to my goldfish Goldfish : Hasta la Vista

  53. Jerivin Garcia

    Jerivin Garcia

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    1:49 vaquita is a cetacean

  54. Issac Pearson

    Issac Pearson

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    Lol maybe we don’t have those genes anymore is because we didn’t evolve from animals

  55. Joel Atteberry

    Joel Atteberry

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    When you live in the ocean you get used to being a salted

  56. Nazuli Lyrics

    Nazuli Lyrics

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    What if you can regen but it eats your life span everytime you heal

  57. Higgs Bonbon

    Higgs Bonbon

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    Fun fact; you can cure gar hide like leather and use it as a textile. Good for handles and the like, really hard.

  58. Tran Nguyen

    Tran Nguyen

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    what the how

  59. D BX

    D BX

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    So the video starts out saying, "150 years is the limit of a human lifespan..." What a dumbass statement.

  60. R B

    R B

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    evolution is a great display of god's mights

  61. Ganon


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    Evolution isn't some omnipotent all knowing force,lol. It doesn't "know" what it's doing..it just is.

  62. Nickolaus Afon

    Nickolaus Afon

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    Cold blooded-ness is not so literal. The big issue isn't body temperature. Almost all deep sea animals are both fairly adapted and cold-blooded. The issue is with metabolism. Warm blooded animals maintain a constant internal temperature - but it uses 10x more food to do so.

  63. OPS-KILL


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    Evolution isn’t real. God is

  64. Nickolaus Afon

    Nickolaus Afon

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    Having all your vital organs near your head and a low flow bloodstream don't hurt. Hehhhhhhhhh?

  65. Patient Zero

    Patient Zero

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    I wonder if that Thai fish was half price.

  66. RocKITEman _ 2001

    RocKITEman _ 2001

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    _"Live in a world where everything wants to eat you"?_ Oh, you mean like _AUSTRALIA._ 😊😊😊

  67. Amirali B

    Amirali B

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    What about lizards?

  68. h


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    cant wait for part 2: Why Fish SHOULD Care About Their Bodies

  69. Otto Muñoz

    Otto Muñoz

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    Because they are woke... Lol sorry

  70. Djhou


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    ALL praise Dagon the ocean old one!

  71. Viking Shark

    Viking Shark

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    Read the title and be like: Doesn't seem that most of *us* care either, so why we tryna shame fish?

  72. legion Anon

    legion Anon

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    that animation of the frog is so wrong frogs eat flys

  73. aaron barton

    aaron barton

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    I'm sure they care but don't really have an option

  74. Daphne Raven

    Daphne Raven

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    Watop: Are those fish skins tilapia?

  75. Kevin Echevarria

    Kevin Echevarria

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    Humans : Whites, Asians, Mexicans, Dravidians, Arabs share DNA with fish , monkeys, bananas and so much more . Amazing

  76. chris Bryson

    chris Bryson

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    For the record, humans are mammals

  77. magicstix0r


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    * Fish bit in half Fish: "Oh no! So anyway..."

  78. Reno Alex

    Reno Alex

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    evolution know that human doesn't need to have regeneration ability,if we do... someone got imoaled with trident and stranger will record it and laugh at it

  79. ROYALTYZ Zzz


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    Because they are near immortal idiots

  80. Charissa Shamley

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    Hey bro, like did u leave ur back at home today?? Lol!!

  81. Brett K

    Brett K

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    Not sure how it can survive missing some of its stomach and private parts would be an issue after being fed.

    • Brett K

      Brett K

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      Also, did not see it fully regenerate either

  82. Daniel Toole

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  83. ryan jefferson

    ryan jefferson

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    We dont regenerate because we have the ability to compensate, or.. We dont regenerate because we have the ability to compensate??

  84. Walter Wipf

    Walter Wipf

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    It's obvious you don't believe in God read the Bible

  85. stargirlzx


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    Because no one body shames them ?

  86. Bendito San

    Bendito San

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    Holy cow u can use fish skin as bandages?

  87. Barbiana


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    Fish are so psychotic I can so relate 😭😭



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    Interesting content, delivery that had me eye rolling every 2 seconds.

  89. mugenjin205


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    We need to find a treatment or cure for aging already, wth extra people we could colonize space.

  90. Tyler Burleson

    Tyler Burleson

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    Evolution doesn’t “know what it’s doing”. You shouldn’t make videos if you’re not going to explain the concepts correctly. Evolution is genetic mutations that occur in a species. Natural selection is the process by which those mutations help organisms reproduce.

  91. J C

    J C

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    Boy this was confusing

  92. Rose Toussaint

    Rose Toussaint

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    I thought the limit wad 120

  93. Decisive Strike

    Decisive Strike

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    Gets harpooned through the body Fish: so yeah anyway.

  94. 𝕲𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖘


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    *I wish i was just a fish, so i don't have to worry about how i look,how i live or even how my body works* 🐬

  95. Alberto Pachaly

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    05:18 Humans were nerfed to balance the game

  96. ige77


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    I hope we won't use these regeneration abilities to gain more instead of just killing them

  97. Goat Sinker

    Goat Sinker

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    You need to get to the point faster. Too much blahblahblah, and your voice sucks!

  98. Frann


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    5:00 the music sounds like the attack on Titan music that plays in fights

  99. MyBalls


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    Sooooo can fish feel pain or nah?? You completely flew over that

  100. Munchie


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    So basically fish skin is the god bandage