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Why the Mercedes F1 Car is SO Fast On the Straights | Qatar GP | The F1 Breakdown

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Lewis Hamilton has now strolled to victory in the last two races in Brazil and Qatar, but why is Lewis and the Mercedes apparently so much faster than Verstappen and the rest of the field? Why did Mercedes shine brightest under the lights at Losail?

Red Bull had believed that Mercedes were somehow getting around the wing flex regulations. These are the rules that are supposed to stop the wings of the cars flexing at high speed, as the fast-moving air hits them.

The more the wings flex, the less frontal area they have in the air, the flatter they are and so the less drag they create - meaning higher speeds along the straights, but the same downforce in the corners - an engineer’s dream.

The FIA check the wing flex by adding weights to the wings, and measuring how much they move. However, as always in F1, there are ways around the test - to have the wing perform differently on the track than in scrutineering.

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