WORST MOM Gets REVENGE on Best FRIENDS | Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo is a bad mom for 24 hours but gets revenge on her best friends.

It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "EVIL BABYSITTER Stole my BABY, What Happens Next Is Shocking." Next Matt and Rebecca posted "EATING ONLY SQUID GAME Food for 24 HOURS in Real Life." Finally the Game Master Network created "FIRST TO FIND ME WINS." Now Rebecca Zamolo must become the worst Mom in history to get revenge. She takes risky photos of her daughter to post on instagram. Gives her $10,000 cash to spend on outfits at the mall. Then invites over her crush who is Mini Matt for a date and first kiss in the movie theater. Next Rebecca rates her daughters outfits while Daniel and Matt stare. Can she get revenge on her best friends and make everyone believe she is the worst Mom? I mean she is pregnant for more than 24 hours now. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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  1. Rebecca Zamolo

    Rebecca Zamolo

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    Do you think i'm being the worst mom? Subscribe if you saw the baby bump!

    • JJThekid jj

      JJThekid jj

      Acum o Zi

      This is in shock you never let her eat anything when you're tricking you I love Rebecca and you I describe you in Instagram program love

    • Toby Reed

      Toby Reed

      Acum o Zi

      @Charlotte Lewis well as you can see she needs a lot of practice she fried eggs lost a baby last time Maddie did this to her.

    • valbona bregu

      valbona bregu

      Acum o Zi

      your a best mom dont lisen to them

    • Charlotte Lewis

      Charlotte Lewis

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      @Toby Reed Yeah who’s me excuse me who would say that your stinking

    • Charlotte Lewis

      Charlotte Lewis

      Acum o Zi

      @Baljot How catcher I’m joining the 12 million club and you’re not wow you’re not really a big fan of Rebecca and Matt anyway I gotta go bye

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    Faith Kach

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    Where is the warehouse and where is there

  5. TOM


    Acum 21 minut

    wow so cool

  6. emariez929


    Acum 30 minute

    by the way you are a GREAT mom you will be the best mom ever!

  7. emariez929


    Acum 32 minute

    Matt was so funny when they were going to KISS!!

  8. liv


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  9. liv


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  10. Dawn Hoss

    Dawn Hoss

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    Also sasha did so great like it's amazing you're going to have the best Instagram photos Ever💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  11. Dawn Hoss

    Dawn Hoss

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    In your last video It's about the pink pink Teddy bear there's a camera in its eyes Please trust me crush that thing it's just like when Rick Noah gave you that Teddy bear

  12. Krystal Bloom

    Krystal Bloom

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    sasha did an amazing job😄

  13. norbu lama

    norbu lama

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    Shush oh this is amazing

  14. joniqua tyler

    joniqua tyler

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    Hunting squad it's your boy theme song welcome to super Saiyan super Saiyan Cali Cali Camaro and Addie and Maya

  15. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

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    Mat is mean

  16. D cool

    D cool

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    Where is your house

  17. D cool

    D cool

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    ZamFam sqod

  18. Shell Huds

    Shell Huds

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    Rebecca Matt has a secret

  19. Shell Huds

    Shell Huds

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    Rebecca Matt went to the car wash to get a key

  20. Qualisha Charles

    Qualisha Charles

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    The baby just a while ago and her baby is born and she already had a name for baby girl baby girl is born and she's happily ever after we for husband I'm happy but she never post a baby I know I'm the only 1 so Also I'm nothing

    • Qualisha Charles

      Qualisha Charles

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  21. Andres Garcia

    Andres Garcia

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    no hot tub eat drink box Rebecca

  22. Keira kitties

    Keira kitties

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    I think you’re a great mom Rebecca

    • Amanda Davey

      Amanda Davey

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      me to

  23. DashDogPlays


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    Maddie goes from 😧 to 😏

  24. Adriana Siwak

    Adriana Siwak

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    Wow mini Rebeca is so pretty and Rebeca and I think baby Names posie beccy Amelia becca

  25. Andile Zikalala

    Andile Zikalala

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    Shasha did an awesome job

  26. Natasha LeAnn

    Natasha LeAnn

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    Of course not you were so beautiful 😁

  27. Contessa Ryan

    Contessa Ryan

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    There is a camera in the Teddy bear

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  32. david mathy

    david mathy

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    You and Matt are so cute together

  33. Stacy Mahabir

    Stacy Mahabir

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    Matt was so crazy

  34. jessica segundo

    jessica segundo

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    hi rebecca i am a BIG fan i knew it was going to be a girl i am soo happy for you

  35. Yareli Lopez

    Yareli Lopez

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    You are not a voicemail at I am also an appointment

  36. Poof in a second haha

    Poof in a second haha

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    Sasha did a amazing job

  37. schadrac matondo

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  38. Dalia Jasmine

    Dalia Jasmine

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    Matt: this is all my fault Daniel:it is Me 🤣🤣🤣

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    Joanne Godkin

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    Ashley you are right about the teddy bear

  42. Alissa VillanteiL

    Alissa VillanteiL

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    Rebecca is the best mom and the cool mom

  43. Lili


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    Sasha is a cool artist and there’s a camera in the teddy bear

  44. Ayeshah khan 🇵🇰

    Ayeshah khan 🇵🇰

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    Sasha did an amazing job

  45. Joy Tarr

    Joy Tarr

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    Do not get that!!!!!!!!!!😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😮😣😮😮😣😮😣😣😮😮😣😣😮😮😣😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😣😮😮😣😣😮😮😣😮😣😮😣😣😮😣😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😣😮😣😮😮😣😮😣😮😣😣😮😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😮😣😮😣😣😮😣😮😮😣😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😣😮😣😮😣😮😣😮😮😣😣😮😮😮😮😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

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    Daniel evil Daniel

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    It’s butiful

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  51. Sale Ta'ala

    Sale Ta'ala

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    Does Matt not like Rebecca? Cause that kinda sus

  52. Kristen Reed

    Kristen Reed

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    I did see that Rebecca did you think

  53. gamers


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    You are the best mom ever.

  54. Amna Binbeshr

    Amna Binbeshr

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    Matt was talking to Ava his crush

  55. Gerald Diem

    Gerald Diem

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    Sasha do her best wow so Beautiful

  56. Shoeb Chowdhury

    Shoeb Chowdhury

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    You're a awesome mom

  57. Shoeb Chowdhury

    Shoeb Chowdhury

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    Matt is meeting up with someone 😬

  58. Raymond Chua

    Raymond Chua

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    Wawa 😙😚

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    Sasha did a crear job

  61. Julissa Leo

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    I ment there so cute

  62. Julissa Leo

    Julissa Leo

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    Theresa to cute

  63. Kinsley Braselton

    Kinsley Braselton

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    I can't wait for baby zamfam and I am so glad for you and I think you are a great mom and my family are super glad for you and be careful

  64. Julissa Leo

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    Nice bump

  66. Anna B

    Anna B

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    I actually didn't know pregnant women couldn't have caffeine.

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    Sasha did a amazing job

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  69. Alma Cedeno

    Alma Cedeno

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    You and Matt are gonna grow up fall in love with each other and get married and do you have baby girl or a baby boy

  70. ItsMstgianna !

    ItsMstgianna !

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    Sasha did an amazing job

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    So boring and cool

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    I❤u Rebecca

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    I am 8 and my name is aarya

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    Sasha is a great artist

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    London London that LOL and EYA 0DD*21 one five

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    No you are not bad mom at all Rebecca

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    Sasha you did so great

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    I love you guys and your Video l want to be your friend

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    Sasha is a great artist

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    Yes 👏🏻

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    Sasha did an amazing job

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    OMG I really want to join the game master network

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    Hi can you please say hi back

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    Sasha did an amazing job!!

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    I am really excited to see your baby

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    Sasha did a amazing job almost better than ZHC

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    After doing a great job

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    Jackie Zemlicka

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    The way that Matt And Rebecca Kissed

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    Kayla Spears

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    Sasha made it beautiful it's the prettiest thing I ever saw

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    Rebecca you are the best I love you 💝 wen can I come to your house and both of my sisters please please can I

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    Sasha did an amazing job and it looks so beautiful my sister Penelope she said that salsa and did amazing job😄🥳💜💙🎉🎊🏳️‍🌈

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    Omg Matt what the

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    hi rebecca can you get me 200$ 🤑

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    Rebecca vcan have only one cup of coffee and she can lift heavy objects with another person

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    It sure was

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    She did great.