Worst ways animals have died😰


  1. Kurlyheadmarr


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    this video is for educational purposes only!❤️

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      @Arthur Morgan Yee get him

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      @Arthur Morgan If Ur so bothered, stop watching him-

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      Hello I'm a fan ☺️

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      Man i fucking blocked you and still see your shitty posts

  2. S e v o n d e rツ

    S e v o n d e rツ

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    Harambe: I'm so depressed ima drink Kid: and a weee Sniper: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  3. Nathalia Holbik

    Nathalia Holbik

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    It’s sad because the gorilla did not harm the kid .

  4. Nanriva


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    Ruffian had painful death...

  5. J3mma Lay

    J3mma Lay

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    why is dog in every one of this.



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    I hate peoples Who kill cats and dog and parrot

  7. Geordiigameplay Cruz

    Geordiigameplay Cruz

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  8. Exiiuq シ

    Exiiuq シ

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    Who the hell knows that he used this sound on most of his vids …. lol!

  9. a


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    And the killer is ded

  10. LURB


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    My dog got ran over by a truck when I was five we hadn't even had him for a year

  11. The Potato God

    The Potato God

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    Humans: destroyed their planet with them.

  12. RS Lee

    RS Lee

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    Omfg a dog?! And a harambe EH?!

  13. Panda pancake playz

    Panda pancake playz

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    rip to these animals now they don’t have to live in this cruel world:(

  14. Joseph's Kingdom

    Joseph's Kingdom

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    I fucking hate seeing your fake bullshit shorts.

  15. EpixCool08


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    The man who shot Harambe: *Some people just want to watch the world burn*

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    Humans are the worst tbh

  17. Карина Кузьменко

    Карина Кузьменко

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    Бедные животнын

  18. Moonlight Bunny

    Moonlight Bunny

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    Rip 🪦 harambe you where a happy Guy i hope rip harambe 😔

  19. Felicitas Serdenia

    Felicitas Serdenia

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    Not the dog😭😭😭

  20. Satya Bee

    Satya Bee

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    Humanity is decreasing second by second, like my comment if you think so too

  21. Demoman


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    The guy at the end oh FUCK

  22. Golden Infinity 88

    Golden Infinity 88

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    R.i.p Harambe and dog

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  24. Miro Kovero

    Miro Kovero

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  25. Milli Rawat

    Milli Rawat

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    Parents dont take care of their kids and then animals are killed. As if only humans life is imp and animals are just for a show. Its better if that kid was killed. It was his mistake not that animals.

  26. ready player logan

    ready player logan

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    Rip dog

  27. ready player logan

    ready player logan

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  28. Kim Henderson

    Kim Henderson

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    So sad😔😥😱☹😫😭

  29. Liliana Cano

    Liliana Cano

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    Los dogs nooooooooooooooooooo😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  30. Mridul Medhi

    Mridul Medhi

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    Stupid humans

  31. Talon Scott

    Talon Scott

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    I hate who shot haromba

  32. -Officxal. Kimizxx ! ୨୧

    -Officxal. Kimizxx ! ୨୧

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    I believe being crushed is the worst thing

  33. ratman


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    If they tranked Harambe it would have made him mad because tranks don't affect gorrilas and there kill on sight if anyone falls in or the gorrilas gets out would u prefer a gorilla covered in child blood or vis Versace

  34. jeremy wilson rodriguez

    jeremy wilson rodriguez

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    No not the dog

  35. Yoan Sanchez

    Yoan Sanchez

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    dog 😭😭😭😭😭

  36. Deva nagari

    Deva nagari

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    Me:huh!? Why dog i have a dog.Hmmm let me show my dog *show* Dog:.... Dog:*THROW RUNS AWAY'S* Me:My phonr NOO :(

  37. Robert


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  38. Zitlaly Zianne Zamudio

    Zitlaly Zianne Zamudio

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    Please stop animal abuse please stop please

  39. Ramon Perez

    Ramon Perez

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    This happened once where I lived, a vendor poured hot oil on a street dog

  40. Armando Campos

    Armando Campos

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    Aw no ):

  41. Stay for life

    Stay for life

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    I hate people who kill animals ughh it make me mad your killing a soul that has a family.

  42. quentin xxxtroyerxxx

    quentin xxxtroyerxxx

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    Hot dog

  43. Bluecanon


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    Now that what I call a hot dog

  44. SautterHouse


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    Damn the dog caretaker and Harambe didn’t really do shit so fuck the zookeepers

  45. hello


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  46. Deb Blose

    Deb Blose

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  47. Nice Doge

    Nice Doge

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    you know there’s gaps between cages they can survive in a cage forever since there’s gaps in a cage

  48. Sherly Mina shorts

    Sherly Mina shorts

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  49. Patrick the g.o.a.t

    Patrick the g.o.a.t

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    Bro the first one why did an animal have to die because of a human like none of this would have happened if they let animals be free but noooo they want animals in zoos why because they want entertainment like humans theses days are selfish out yourself in the animal shoes who did nothing wrong but live it breaks my heart but at least they are in heaven because animals that didn’t do anything wrong should be in heaven not hell at least that’s what I think.

  50. Abhirup Das

    Abhirup Das

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    Reality it that gorilla saved that boy instead of harming him😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  51. -.• Clowny-.•

    -.• Clowny-.•

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    That dog looks so cute

  52. Longest YT username ever because I said so lol =-]

    Longest YT username ever because I said so lol =-]

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    Lets all salute to Harambe the Gorilla. rest in peace...

  53. Donka Donka

    Donka Donka

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    Nobody Is talking about how the boy probably felt trauma

  54. Saad Islam

    Saad Islam

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    I'm hate this

  55. Boozups /pg

    Boozups /pg

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    Why was the guy in the last shot like "GOD DAMN. Not again!"

  56. Ravekitty Powerwoof

    Ravekitty Powerwoof

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    Animals: Harambe & dog



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    Random animals

  58. Sami stoychev

    Sami stoychev

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    Poor animals

  59. RessaX


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    Harambe died fast unlike other animals. he didnt die a horrible death.

  60. RonthePolarBear


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    Rip harambe🦍😇

  61. szekunder szégyenérzet

    szekunder szégyenérzet

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  62. monkey pro

    monkey pro

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    Wait wait wait wait wait waiittt...... ISNT THAT DOG DEATH IS A JOJO REFERENCE

  63. Mr Billugamerz

    Mr Billugamerz

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    From humans to animals

  64. The borjomi cat

    The borjomi cat

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    I will end life

  65. GBMarg318


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    I suppose that dog created a war between a vampire and hamon user

  66. Abhiram S

    Abhiram S

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    That Stupid Guy Will Die Son Of A Moron Who Killed That Poor Harambe



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  68. dead meme

    dead meme

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    That damn kid if he just dint fell in harambe's cage we could ve lived on a paradise

  69. cere wet

    cere wet

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    Dog 😨😨😨😨😭😭😭😔😭😔😭😔😭😭😔

  70. ErrorShadow -0-

    ErrorShadow -0-

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    The dogs.. no.. THE DOGSSSSSS

  71. Yusuf Joko Purnomo

    Yusuf Joko Purnomo

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    the one who shoots has no brain

  72. ThatOneDude


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    Harambe is a new species of animal also R.I.P to all the animals in the world that lost their lives

  73. Yosafat Sinaga

    Yosafat Sinaga

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    Sad dog 😭🐕

  74. The Animalguy

    The Animalguy

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    i hate when gorillas get shot because they are protected animals but them dying by getting shot isn’t really that bad of a death compared to animals getting crushed by trees or electrocuted

  75. Oh i can be free..

    Oh i can be free..

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    R.I.P for the animals 😔

  76. Para pencari NASI BUNGKUS!

    Para pencari NASI BUNGKUS!

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    My dog died run over by train

  77. Eden Egcol

    Eden Egcol

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    If my dad did the second one did and i saw/knew I would scream louder than an ant 😂😂😂

  78. A Random Undertale fan

    A Random Undertale fan

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    Monke:sup kiddo whatcha doing Shooter:HE WANTS TO KILL THE KID

  79. TopTierAssasSin


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    It’s not fair harambe got shot for just protecting a boy

  80. Britney s fan

    Britney s fan

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    R.I.p beautiful animals ❤️

  81. Dale Ballard

    Dale Ballard

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  82. Camden Murphy

    Camden Murphy

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  83. InfernOutbreak


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    Ah yes, the infamous animal death *D O G*

  84. Meriam Ben

    Meriam Ben

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  85. Zach Gonzalez

    Zach Gonzalez

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    Y the fuck would you kill the gorilla He wasn’t doing anything 🥺 AND THE DOG too Take this as a lesson y’all😢how How did the kid get in there tho It’s his fault

  86. Axel Vera

    Axel Vera

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    How dare those people leave a dog alon >;p

  87. Paola Andrea Llanos P.

    Paola Andrea Llanos P.

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    Poresito el perrito me da mucha lstima

  88. ÞrumuKrapi


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    Worst ways animals that have died, this is so so sad😔😭😢🐕🦍

  89. Zentoo


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    Bruh how tf do you drop your child near a gorilla

  90. galaxy_crush


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  91. RobloxDan RobloxDan

    RobloxDan RobloxDan

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    Nooo dog ;(

  92. fabio tron

    fabio tron

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    Just a common harambe

  93. Christopher Callison

    Christopher Callison

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    Rip Harambe

  94. Cs attention

    Cs attention

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    Das erste naja gibt schlimmere Tode das zweite war wirklich kacke 😂

  95. Lata Rays

    Lata Rays

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    I can’t imagine being responsible for that death Shame on that kid

  96. Anthony Lombardi

    Anthony Lombardi

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    I would kill the owner of that dog

  97. Egg Roll Memer

    Egg Roll Memer

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    Harambe’s death wasn’t even that bad tho

  98. Te Vi gamer

    Te Vi gamer

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    What , Dogs here

  99. {•Ròbłòx Èdítś•}

    {•Ròbłòx Èdítś•}

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  100. Keith Mason

    Keith Mason

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    Yo yhe first one it was going to help him people are just dunmass