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  1. Stokes Twins

    Stokes Twins

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    SUBSCRIBE!! We’re so close to 10 million Subscribers!! ❤️❤️

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      My name mechagodzilla Stokes twins

    • mechagodzilla


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      My name is mechagodzilla Stokes twins

    • Fantasy gaming

      Fantasy gaming

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      Hello I can’t wait for your Dhar Mann video!

    • Jim Da boi シ

      Jim Da boi シ

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      But guys congratulations for 10M subs!!!!!

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      @don't work heyy



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    I subscribed a year ago

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    Chekani Thompson

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    I have subscribe a few moths agos

  4. Armita Amiri

    Armita Amiri

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    I love shawn he,s so funny 😂



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    Btw Kat's kinda cute



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    I think it was mean that they shaved that guys head😕😕😟😟😟

  7. ºXxLucyxX_Playz_Officialº


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    Bro I am proud of you because you reached 10.4M subscribers I am so proud🥳🤩✨

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    I subscribed

  9. Marie Esther Joseph

    Marie Esther Joseph

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    Logan Paul is that you

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    Yami Vasquez

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  11. Jake Hernandez

    Jake Hernandez

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    Brain knows everything about squid game and slap game

  12. ※『depression』『GHOUL』※


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  13. ajeinah the gamer

    ajeinah the gamer

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  14. Sandy Veilleux

    Sandy Veilleux

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    Congrats on 10m

  15. Francisco Salgueiro

    Francisco Salgueiro

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    Is this channel Mr Beast disguised?

  16. Christopher Oscar Segura-Tezanos

    Christopher Oscar Segura-Tezanos

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    it worked

  17. Ethan 74d

    Ethan 74d

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    If squid game is real than hell yeah

  18. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez

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    Theirs know way Shawn got a kiss

  19. Sugercarsh123


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  20. Gloria Lee Hernandez

    Gloria Lee Hernandez

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    It said well be white back

  21. Alexandria Palka

    Alexandria Palka

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    Utterly disturbing. The fire extinguisher just tops it all. This is not funny, people are getting hurt inside out. While they suffer these twins and their accomplices just laugh as hell, with no sense of remorse. These people are prime examples of pathetic people who exploits their wealth over people.

  22. Tony Walker

    Tony Walker

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    Grab them when you play squid game

  23. Tony Walker

    Tony Walker

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    Go in real life free game and then watch them

  24. Vlad😎


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    Give me 10 000$

  25. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia

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    Rene Isabel Olivera Salazar

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    Sita thapa Magar

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  28. Braxton Teo shao yi (Rosythsch)

    Braxton Teo shao yi (Rosythsch)

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    Brian looks so cool

  29. Braxton Teo shao yi (Rosythsch)

    Braxton Teo shao yi (Rosythsch)

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    can you show me how to make the ddakji

  30. Prince Khian Manalo

    Prince Khian Manalo

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    Shawn is super sus 😳😲😲😲

  32. Faith Bargsley

    Faith Bargsley

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  33. Nick Thor

    Nick Thor

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    And also this is for Sean you always need to do the cc no

  34. Nick Thor

    Nick Thor

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    I actually well play squad game $400,000

  35. Ghada Hachem

    Ghada Hachem

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    I feel bad for the guy that got his hair shaved like atleast go to the salon for a good cut they can just not do that ☹

  36. Buddy Thorn

    Buddy Thorn

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    Rigged it has wight in it ?

  37. Motheo Mogano

    Motheo Mogano

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  38. Imogen Rose

    Imogen Rose

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    I’ve subscribed

  39. Caren


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    I kind a like Brian

  40. Alwin _Ajith

    Alwin _Ajith

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    6.10 look at shawn

  41. Young Bestari

    Young Bestari

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    I love you so much and I like your videos so much I live like in Indonesia place I forgot it where I live

  42. Neriyah Liki

    Neriyah Liki

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    Hi stokes twins i have never been in your videos so can i please and i really want money for my mom cause she paid my school fees now she is poor and i don't want that to happen so please and also i am subed

  43. elicanplay_elijahpaul 2nd channel

    elicanplay_elijahpaul 2nd channel

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    I like how the people are previous players from the latest squid game

  44. Shawn likes Bubba

    Shawn likes Bubba

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    Omg poor people 😱

  45. Shawn likes Bubba

    Shawn likes Bubba

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  46. Shawn likes Bubba

    Shawn likes Bubba

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    Omg that man did really jump for $1,000 :0

  47. Deztyne Villafranca

    Deztyne Villafranca

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    I did it

  48. Leslie Huerta

    Leslie Huerta

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    Well like watch the videos and yall make my day

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    Aster Vargas

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  50. Jennifer


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    Done I Subs And like

  51. Daynea F ❤🤗

    Daynea F ❤🤗

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    Shawn was so SUS, what was he doing with the whipped cream haha😂😂

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    Sub to them to get 10 million subs

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  54. Donna Wasil

    Donna Wasil

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    you have 10 m sub

  55. Melissa Wiggins

    Melissa Wiggins

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    This was funny

  56. Jason Santos

    Jason Santos

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    What if nobody wins

  57. Delfin Ventura

    Delfin Ventura

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    I’m suscribe

  58. Delfin Ventura

    Delfin Ventura

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  59. Jaxon Reed

    Jaxon Reed

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    The last one was the best

  60. Amber


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    That logon person is pieson's brother

  61. bryan gomez

    bryan gomez

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    4:36 is that soposed to be well be right back or that’s just a joke because he’s all white ;:l

  62. Angela Holiday

    Angela Holiday

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  63. information


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    I have subscribe send 1000$

  64. Chef Robison Rangel

    Chef Robison Rangel

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    Why does the suscribe Button was 9.94M and when Someone suscribed turned into 10M???

  65. Teyron Scott

    Teyron Scott

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    Shawn is good tonight 😂

  66. Kakashi USHIJA

    Kakashi USHIJA

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    Shown being sus tho

  67. Hudson


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    I liked and subbed

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    Sravanthi Manthena

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    Yay you got ten million I was you 5.40 million subscriber

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    Jamuel Starkey

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    I was in scrubs for six years

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    Gamer boy ali

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  72. Spoke twins

    Spoke twins

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  73. Stacey Mullen

    Stacey Mullen

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    Feel bad for the edditor must hurt

  74. garcello y boyfriend

    garcello y boyfriend

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    Y love your videos son los mejores it means there the best in spanish

  75. Eric Trammell

    Eric Trammell

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    It’s funny that Shawn does all adult jokes

  76. Lizzie Lynn

    Lizzie Lynn

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    Guys *

  77. Lizzie Lynn

    Lizzie Lynn

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    I wan to be in ur guises squid game 🥺

  78. dajana delipara

    dajana delipara

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    yoooo 4 36 fromntmans face

  79. Colleen Gaffney

    Colleen Gaffney

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  80. julijana arkovic vrgoc

    julijana arkovic vrgoc

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    DIS NOT $100 000 DIS $10 000 000

  81. •ɪᴛs ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ•

    •ɪᴛs ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ•

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    I was already subbed :)

  82. ItsDemoDark


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    His dad went to get the milk and came back with it

  83. Adam


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  84. Jack’s gaming

    Jack’s gaming

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    Looks like Shawn got a hold of Brandon 😀😂

  85. Cherry Dela Cruz

    Cherry Dela Cruz

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    I love 💕 your videos and I want to visit you both one time but I am in a different conchy

  86. delia Zornoza Carrero

    delia Zornoza Carrero

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    I feel sooo bad for the guy that it get almoust bald at leas give money to that guy

  87. hninhnin aung 377

    hninhnin aung 377

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  88. Pata Khomsaenyatham

    Pata Khomsaenyatham

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    did anyone heard him say dogshit

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    Im helping to get to 10million subs!!!!

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    Kc,, Reerr

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    Now i have 10000000000$

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    Ok i subscribe

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    31-Meeval Raj- II D

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