Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?

Would you sit in a tub of snakes for $10,000?
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    Great news! We now have a Spanish dubbed option for the video for our Spanish viewers. Just select audio track and you can switch between English and Spanish! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! You could win $10,000!

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      Hola como estas

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      @DannyX qo

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      I already subbed where’s my money

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    sarthak gavate

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    Give some money to India for breath

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    In 2nd grade : ill give you 5 dollars if you eat a peper mrbeast : ill give you 30,00 dollars to eat a peper

  4. witherd Vanny7266

    witherd Vanny7266

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    If chris let's 30 spiders crawl on him he gets 4000000000 dollars

  5. Asif Mohammad

    Asif Mohammad

    Acum 51 minut

    I wish I lived in the US just for these dope challenges 💯

  6. MooMooStar Gamer

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    Love it!!!

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    Don't pee or sheet your pants!

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    Denton Carpenter

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    Why are you standing up for the pickles they are just pickles

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    Bo de why whyye am lining away but am so cunfose

  10. BlaZe RaGeR

    BlaZe RaGeR

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    can we get a rip if chris got bitten by the snakes that would be sad



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    Are you the one that make mr beast burgger because is so yummy yum yum😊😊

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    A TE

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    I plan

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    James' Films

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    Cockroaches are easy! Completely harmless.

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    Bro I already subscribed

  15. Seluone Ikimotu-Auelua

    Seluone Ikimotu-Auelua

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    Mr Beast I would sit in the bath with snakes and let a spider crawl on me for 20k if I was there I would actually do it and I am only a teenager.

  16. Rucci Morales

    Rucci Morales

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    Jerson 206

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    Me gusta el modo español :D

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    Love your videos 🤪🤪🤪

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    Hi MR.BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. MrShouche


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    Snake , snake , snake !! All the best !!

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    ¿a alguien le gusto el doblage en español ?

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    esta chida la opcion de poner el audio en español :3

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    I’m subscribed

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    If I was karl I will be petting the rats



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    Flash is the coolest name



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    i am Malay because of that i sub to mr.beast

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    Hayden Hunt

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    OK I’ll do it anything for $10,000

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    From Indonesian

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    I am your Biggest fan let's give me 30000

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    8:58 Best paintings

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    Rats r cute

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    8:02 bro Jimmy are you good?

  40. Little MrBeast.

    Little MrBeast.

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    MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Eiffel Tower and surprise France with a taller one..

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    Joshua Dell

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    That 1st snek just wanted cuddles

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    how many brief cases does jimmy go thru?

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    Can I have $.10,000000000000

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    Mr beast pls pls donate to me me and my dad are kinda poor

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    Ill do it for free

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    It is weird that somehow I hear this in spanish

  47. aesthetic besties

    aesthetic besties

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    No because you will kill them 😥

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      Boo hoo

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    Can I have a car

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    i absolutely love chandler's sister's shirt. what an amazing reminder

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    I would sit there to try something new



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    I would do it for free

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    Noel play Roblox

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    All all those snakes are poisonous

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    can i be ni yoor cane

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    Let’s gooooo

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    Probaly yes

  61. Cool Doge

    Cool Doge

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    I wouldn’t do cockaroaches there my biggest fear

  62. Yo Lo

    Yo Lo

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    Sure I'll sit in snakes

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    Heck yeah I love snakes I’d sit a tub of snakes for an hour for money

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    I love mr best

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    Can you give me one laptop please

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    Pickle traumatic stress disorder

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    Quien pidió la traducción???

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    hello mr.beast

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    No way

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    Khatron ke khiladi

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    come back trendcrave

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    I’d be so happy for the rats challenge, I have two rodents and they’re really cute :3

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    Melissa Jepson

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    Chandler literally wouldn’t eat a pickle for $5000?!

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    9:06 i knew it

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    im hacking hour chnnal cus ur pissing me off

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    *fear the almighty pickle*

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    4:22 what is this?

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    i subscribe with my 6 accounts and my mom sister dad

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    i love ur vdossssssssssssssssssss i watched all of them

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    It's middle it's kind of a little bit left

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    Just kidding i know it

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    I got it it's red yellow all kind of a little bit blue black but i think it blue

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    Game Over

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    How have I only just found you, hooked!

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    MrBeast is the best

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    Day 6 of asking you 10 k grand

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    i would do it ez

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    Let’s play a game ⬆️⬇️⬅️

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    6:55 This is EXACTLY how media and advertising work

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