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Ep 991: Zoro takes on 500 Gifters! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll! got.cr/Watch-OP991

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  1. Crunchyroll Collection

    Crunchyroll Collection

    Acum 2 Zile

    Watch episode 991 here! got.cr/Watch-OP991

    • KaidoSGMC


      Acum 14 ore

      @will me do why did they do that

    • Xerx


      Acum 22 ore

      Goat piece

    • Xerx


      Acum 22 ore

      @Donquixote bleach is literally the worst in the big three

    • 3ngag3


      Acum o Zi

      @ttyd is 100% the best game Why do you keep ducking me?

    • ZurnDex


      Acum o Zi

      @Donquixote no

  2. Gregory Yee

    Gregory Yee

    Acum 14 minute

    Huh, people actually think Zoro looks good in the show. I don't recall him ever being called handsome.

  3. GeoKat616™


    Acum 2 ore

  4. D’ohmer


    Acum 2 ore

    Poor guys. So horrendously outnumbered.

  5. Sir Jack

    Sir Jack

    Acum 3 ore

    Ma boi

  6. vitor games z

    vitor games z

    Acum 5 ore

    Milk milk no mi

  7. katlego matamela

    katlego matamela

    Acum 6 ore

    White blood?

  8. 。 Hiss

    。 Hiss

    Acum 6 ore

    White blood. Lame.

  9. Argustim


    Acum 7 ore

    why the hell is the blood white?

  10. celobean E

    celobean E

    Acum 8 ore

    That blood looks edible bruh

  11. Somuan


    Acum 9 ore

    Whats up with the white blood tho?! Don't ruin it like Nanatsu no taizai, cmon...

  12. Ed the radical man

    Ed the radical man

    Acum 11 ore


  13. Juan Waite

    Juan Waite

    Acum 12 ore

    zoro swords have the milk milk no mi now!!!

  14. God is the Greatest

    God is the Greatest

    Acum 12 ore

    Ahahaha Zolo is always ready with the sword.

  15. Rashid


    Acum 14 ore

    i am subbed in crunchyroll but i cant watch one piece,,,, /sigh

  16. roy


    Acum 16 ore

    Zoro was so disrespectful that he didn’t even say his attacks.

  17. Potato Man

    Potato Man

    Acum 16 ore

    Name of woman?



    Acum 16 ore

    0:51 zoro sempai

  19. Damian Parham

    Damian Parham

    Acum 16 ore

    White blood sus

  20. Jac Colbert

    Jac Colbert

    Acum 16 ore

    I like the idea that Zoro is just casually cutting peeps in half

  21. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez

    Acum 17 ore

    Aw man, he should be the official First Mate already

  22. Flymoolah man 27

    Flymoolah man 27

    Acum 17 ore

    this is my first look at what one piece is and what has to offer

    • F A

      F A

      Acum 16 ore

      Watch ONE PIECE MOVIE 6 if you want to see what OP is and ehat has to offer. Probably as good as studio ghibli's films and one of the greatest animated films ive seen. Can stand on its own even if u dont watch OP. Give it a try, but trigger ùwarning,it gets pretty scary and weird paradox type of surreal towards the end,i was pretty

  23. Terra De Guerra

    Terra De Guerra

    Acum 17 ore

    Qual foi porra e esse sangue de leite ai

  24. Bruh Guy

    Bruh Guy

    Acum 18 ore

    why is there the cursed sauce on the bodies

  25. Cléber Gomes

    Cléber Gomes

    Acum 18 ore

    Não acredito que colocaram sangue branco até em one piece

  26. Waluigiisbest99


    Acum 18 ore

    more like Zoro vs 500 Coomers

  27. David Choi

    David Choi

    Acum 19 ore


  28. VrQz Silent #Bulls2022Champs

    VrQz Silent #Bulls2022Champs

    Acum 19 ore

    Whiskey Peak on crack

  29. Ebrahiem •

    Ebrahiem •

    Acum 19 ore

    All filler, just get to the rooftop already sheesh.

  30. KrzzEmd


    Acum 19 ore

    Can't wait to catch up with Wano or whatever this arc is. I'm on ep 790 btw.

  31. Gladius Cory Tran Phuong

    Gladius Cory Tran Phuong

    Acum 19 ore

    I imagine this occurred all in 1 second like that one samurai jack episode

  32. *Senpai*


    Acum 19 ore

    0:51 😳😳😳😳

    • Kel Kelke

      Kel Kelke

      Acum 19 ore

      Leitinho né pai

  33. Its_AlienBoidad


    Acum 19 ore

    Zoro: i have the plot armor fruit's power dont you dare challenge me

  34. Bruno


    Acum 19 ore

    Crunchyroll, works like the beginning after the end and overgeared team argo would be great series to become original Crunchyroll animes

  35. Brian Banks

    Brian Banks

    Acum 20 ore

    Blood is red not white

    • F A

      F A

      Acum 19 ore

      Censorship of japan apparently.

  36. Ray Severe

    Ray Severe

    Acum 20 ore

    Zoro moments are always better than the cooks moments

  37. Bakaバラケ


    Acum 20 ore

    Ace: turned into a donut Toei: we’ll let it slide Zoro: cuts a couple of people Toei: seems a little too violent

  38. Dinnyx


    Acum 20 ore

    ayo why the censors

  39. O Campbell

    O Campbell

    Acum 20 ore

    That better not be censorship, I'm sure we've all seen blood in one piece many times before

  40. Jatunis Solis

    Jatunis Solis

    Acum 20 ore

    Zoro, one of the few good things about one piece

  41. the world

    the world

    Acum 20 ore

    censored blood... this is serious toei!?👀😐😳

    • F A

      F A

      Acum 19 ore

      This exact moment was a filler so we good

  42. Jarrett Williams

    Jarrett Williams

    Acum 20 ore

    OP would be on another level if they actually killed people. not this fufu

  43. Spoon


    Acum 20 ore

    Bruh white blood

  44. Slappy Slow

    Slappy Slow

    Acum 20 ore

    Zoros Forth sword style 😀

  45. Kiddy Jaydey

    Kiddy Jaydey

    Acum 20 ore

    I guess Luffy admitted defeat vs Kaido by falling backwards during their first encounter

  46. Ethan Eggeman

    Ethan Eggeman

    Acum 20 ore

    Did they HAVE to censor the blood?

  47. Muhammad Mondesir

    Muhammad Mondesir

    Acum 21 oră

    0:23 Yo!!!!

  48. SanZen👹⚔️


    Acum 21 oră

    Why they got milky blood 🩸…. Who co-signed this 😭 disrespecting the pain behind Zoros attacks

  49. Moatez Moussi

    Moatez Moussi

    Acum 21 oră

    The censoring is disgusting

  50. Carlos Melendez

    Carlos Melendez

    Acum 21 oră

    Sangre blanca lol

  51. Moo Bear

    Moo Bear

    Acum 21 oră

    Zoro will always will be a badass!

  52. Toeto Toeto

    Toeto Toeto

    Acum 21 oră

    Did Zoro nut on then all?

  53. Asmo


    Acum 21 oră

    I’m still 32 episodes behind why Am I watching this

  54. ZeroPresicion


    Acum 21 oră

    did he just cut them with mayonnaise swords?!?!?

  55. Raul Martinez Valencia

    Raul Martinez Valencia

    Acum 22 ore


  56. Wolfgang [W]

    Wolfgang [W]

    Acum 22 ore

    Maybe white wasn't a good choice for censoring the blood? Idk

  57. Ander __h

    Ander __h

    Acum 22 ore

    That's more like 50

  58. Andrew Ifi

    Andrew Ifi

    Acum 22 ore

    Imagine if this is when Zoro opens his left eye😍

  59. shae


    Acum 23 ore

    What happened to the blood that’s what made one piece cool asf

  60. Solly Maake

    Solly Maake

    Acum o Zi

    He kind of looks like a young Rayleigh during that 3 day 3 night fight with whitebeard

  61. King


    Acum o Zi

    Who was the director of this episode? fire him plz

  62. Cadis.Etrama Di.Raizel

    Cadis.Etrama Di.Raizel

    Acum o Zi

    The color of the blood is white ?😂🤣

  63. Denjiでんじ


    Acum o Zi

    disappointed that they are censoring the Blood...

  64. PrimodosCodigos


    Acum o Zi

    Zoro the milker

  65. Ari Novikova

    Ari Novikova

    Acum o Zi

    White blood, excellent 🙄🙄🙄🤌

  66. salah eddine

    salah eddine

    Acum o Zi

    I didn't that kaido minions are filled with milk

  67. Diogo Lopes

    Diogo Lopes

    Acum o Zi

    Zoro is like call an ambulance but not for ME!

  68. Anubea Waldron

    Anubea Waldron

    Acum o Zi

    White blood, really, really?

  69. Minerva Saionji

    Minerva Saionji

    Acum o Zi

    Another anime using milk instead of blood

  70. Stephen


    Acum o Zi

    Ah yes, repeated blurring of everything every few seconds and glowing white body fluids, so much for Wano being the new improved quality.

  71. Brian Camilleri

    Brian Camilleri

    Acum o Zi

    Is blood bad again?

  72. Severian


    Acum o Zi

    worst animation??

  73. Just Moody

    Just Moody

    Acum o Zi

    I don't watch One piece but Read it WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT WHITE BLOOD ? Guys to every animator White blood cells are about 1% of the human body while Red are about 40-45% so yea.

  74. Pedro Araújo

    Pedro Araújo

    Acum o Zi


  75. Herr Pokemon

    Herr Pokemon

    Acum o Zi

    Oh come on white blood Why do you do this

  76. CaptainSkullKidd


    Acum o Zi

    Only 500? Bring in 2000 more and maybe he’ll start to sweat.

  77. Damian


    Acum o Zi

    this blood cencorship really makes me full of hatred. one piece has always shown blood why stop now.

  78. Dark_Kun


    Acum o Zi

    Qualé a desse sangue branco;-;

  79. Mohamed Jamouli

    Mohamed Jamouli

    Acum o Zi

    Quality is more important than quantity.

  80. Deadpool Chimichangas

    Deadpool Chimichangas

    Acum o Zi

    So there’s white blood that’s interesting

  81. Saran Wrap

    Saran Wrap

    Acum o Zi

    One vs so many, seem hardly unfair, for them It’s fits zoro so well

  82. Aglina


    Acum o Zi

    Как же это все всрато выглядит

  83. franco berdeja

    franco berdeja

    Acum o Zi

    Sangre blanca?

  84. Josivan Marques

    Josivan Marques

    Acum o Zi

    o PIOR EP DE one PIECE

  85. Nep_PR


    Acum o Zi

    slideshow animation

  86. Grimm TV

    Grimm TV

    Acum o Zi

    500 vs zoro

  87. Matix28


    Acum o Zi

    Is censored?

  88. Tyler Japal

    Tyler Japal

    Acum o Zi

    0:00 My boy zoro has fangirls in the anime lol.

  89. lihp puangpet

    lihp puangpet

    Acum o Zi

    We are powerful we have 500 men zoro back in fishman idland having to defeat 10k

  90. Hawks


    Acum o Zi

    MILK ????????

  91. The Russian Cat

    The Russian Cat

    Acum o Zi

    who filled the soldiers with cu-marshmallow fluff I was going to say marshmallow fluff.

  92. Tony


    Acum o Zi

    zoro aint no simp.

  93. Hussajn Al Zoe agd

    Hussajn Al Zoe agd

    Acum o Zi


  94. Ivan Kaschinski

    Ivan Kaschinski

    Acum o Zi

    Imagine paying for this and its still censored, OMEGALUL

  95. ToastMasterAj420


    Acum o Zi

    Censorship in Onepiece why!!

  96. Colt JL

    Colt JL

    Acum o Zi

    Idk when they changed the animation style for one piece but it was definitely for the better.

  97. TheGoodGuy


    Acum o Zi

    Anyone having mixed feeling about the white cuts kinda preferring red

  98. mskllm


    Acum o Zi

    ? milk 0:52

  99. MexicanDre


    Acum o Zi

    What's with the censoring?

  100. Taiwanese Standard Time

    Taiwanese Standard Time

    Acum o Zi

    Damn censoreship